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The Night Author Laurie Olerich Got Felt Up By A Ghost. True Story.

27 Oct

by Elizabeth SaFleur

Halloween is almost upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to read some ghoulish fantasy or paranormal books? Laurie Olerich is a best-selling author of paranormal romance and erotic romance. Her latest series, Demons After Dark, is hot as Hades, appropos since Hell’s name is evoked many times. Before diving into a writing career, Laurie dedicated 20 years to her country by serving in the United States Air Force. Much of her time was spent around men with guns and cool toys which she says explains her obsession with both.

Laurie stopped by to tell us exactly how she got introduced to the world of angels and demons, including how one very randy ghost attempted to have his way with her.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Welcome Laurie! I’ve been meaning to introduce you to the LadySmut crowd ever since I found out you were a Supernatural fan and wrote super-hot angel and demon stories. In fact, I hear you have a line into the “other world.” Is it true you were once sexually harassed by a ghost at the historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio?

LAURIE OLERICH: Oh, yeah, true story! There’s nothing more annoying than having a randy ghost bouncing on your bed at 3 a.m.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: He got “handsy?”

LAURIE OLERICH: Someone was pushing the edge of the mattress like a little kid trying to wake up their mom. I sat straight up and stared angry daggers into the dark, cursing and threatening Casper. Yeah, I know. I probably should’ve been afraid… but, hey, it was the middle of the night and I love my sleep! When it happened a third time, I threw the covers off and yelled, “Either get your ass in bed with me or get the fuck out of my room!”

It left and never came back. In hindsight, it was probably one of the poor little dead kids…

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Well, that’s macabre! Is that what gave you the idea for your Demons After Dark series? Not that you have any dead kids in there…more like hot as Hades Demons…

LAURIE OLERICH:  The series is a crossover from my urban fantasy series, the Primani Series—“

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Which, by the way, is filled with compelling characters and tons of action, humor, and heart.

LAURIE OLERICH: Yessss! That! Seriously though, I love each of the couples and their stories. But the more I wrote about the demons (the bad guys!), the more I wondered about their motivations, their histories, and what kind of lovers they’d be (that’s where my mind went!).

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Perv. You’re our kind of author.

LAURIE OLERICH:  Oh, you have no idea! I’m showing restraint in these books! Anyhow, in the Primani stories, the demons became seducers and were sensual and irresistible. Even though they were the villains, they kinda made my nipples wave hello.


LAURIE OLERICH: Don’t be! So this new series flips the demons around. Now, they’re the good guys, the irresistibly sexy, crazy, and bold bad boys that are stuck saving Lucifer’s archangel ass.

And, look! A coupon code to get the first Demons After Dark for free.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: What is it about those demons?

LAURIE OLERICH: The answer to that isn’t simple. In my world, the demons radiate a dark energy that draws people to them. It’s seductive. It’s lingering. It’s filled with the temptation to taste …


LAURIE OLERICH: Uh, huh. And, my heroines aren’t shy. They are curious and open so they dive right in.  An element of mystery and subtle inhuman current surrounds the demons. They’re not evil. They’re not righteous. They don’t bother to lie and tell it like it is. They know what they want and they go for it.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Like, they come at life with both barrels.

LAURIE OLERICH: And, they’re extremely sexual—anything goes. The crazier, the darker, the better. They’re unapologetic about what they want and that’s sexy to me. Think of them as the ultimate alpha male with an insatiable appetite for pleasure and you’ll be drawn to them too!

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Did they surprise you with anything?

LAURIE OLERICH: Ha! Of course, they did! Vanek (Ed note: the demon anti-hero in the first Demons After Dark book) turned out to be a lot smarter than I thought—and he showed up with a penchant for bondage. That must’ve come from his work as a Painkiller in Hell where he tied up and tortured dirty souls for a few thousand years.

Another surprise was how multifaceted each of the demons in the series have become. As you read their stories, you really understand how their childhood in Hell shaped them into the demons—now men—they’ve become and the conflict they feel. On one hand they want to clear their names and go home to their families. But on the other hand, they begin to feel human emotions for the women they meet. They discover that the human plane is filled with adventure and fun. They struggle to balance their anger with humor. At the end of the day, they surprised me with their capacity for gentleness.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Your Primani series is quite the saga – anything you can share with us about how that got started?

LAURIE OLERICH: Primani started as a desperate attempt to escape from my boring life. One day I realized I’d hit 40 and still hadn’t found myself! Years earlier, I’d started several writing projects but always got sidetracked. This time, I dove in head first. Where to set it? New York, of course! One of my absolutely favorite places, upstate New York became the setting.  Male characters?  Well, they had to be hot, badass fighters. Oh, and have supernatural powers to keep things interesting. Bingo! Primani! Not quite angels but created by archangels to keep demons under control. I put my military experience to use and decided on an immortal special ops team.

And there had to be at least one woman, so I could live out my own daydreams!

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: With a guaranteed happy ending…

LAURIE OLERICH: Yes, but because real life is about more than finding true love and having great sex, my characters face devastating losses, painful truths, and choices that tear them apart. Exploring what makes us human is what I enjoy about writing. I love to put my favorite characters into painful situations and then watch how they handle it. Sure, I’m mean to them, but they like it!

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Do you think writing about supernatural characters “calls” them to you in real life?

LAURIE OLERICH: I don’t think simply writing about them calls them. However, I don’t mess around with demons. I’ve done a ton of research into demonology and have a very healthy respect for them. I absolutely do not name my fictional demons after “real” or mythological demons. I make up my own names. I’m superstitious about that. I believe you can call dark forces by speaking their names often enough. I don’t even want to write those names! I’ve had a few experiences with angry spirits and I don’t want to leave myself vulnerable to any new visitors.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Ooo, you mean the dark side came calling?

LAURIE OLERICH: In the worst kind of way. I moved into an apartment that came with its own malignant entity. It got into my dreams and terrorized me. One night I dreamed I was being dragged into the closet and woke up on the floor—clinging to my sheets with my legs in the closet! I managed to run to my neighbor’s door and demanded he let me in. I never went back to that apartment.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: I’d have moved states. But, back to writing for a sec, who are some of your writing influences?

LAURIE OLERICH: I have so many faves! If you’re going to force me to narrow it down, I’d have to say J.R. Ward, Janet Evanovich, and Eve Langlais. By creating their unique worlds, they’ve inspired me to go all out with my Primani and Demons After Dark world-building. They opened the door for me to let my imagination run wild without worrying that I might go too far. My readers seem to like my crazy imagination so I’m going to keep right on going!

Janet Evanovich gave me (not literally) permission to be true to my natural voice when I wrote my first books. Mica (the heroine) has a dry sense of humor and the ability to get into trouble that balances the darker drama in her books.  How does that relate to Janet? Have you ever read any of her Stefanie Plum books? I’ve read all of them and I can completely see myself as Stefanie Plum! Ha! Mica, from the first Primani book, is kind of a mess like that too!

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Rumor also says you’re a gourmet cook. How did that happen, and how are you still single?

LAURIE OLERICH: I love to eat and I love all kinds of food! In 1989, I started getting Bon Appetit magazine. That’s where my kitchen education began, and I actually went to culinary school but dropped out to finish my bachelor’s degree. You might find this surprising, but I get bored easily!

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Uh, no…your imagination seems to know no bounds!

LAURIE OLERICH: I hate eating the same things all the time and sadly, there isn’t a wide variety of restaurants within a quick drive. I love being able to whip up chicken tikka or Vietnamese Pho when I have a craving. My son swears I never cook the same thing twice! I think I’d love being a personal chef for someone with refined tastes and a thick wallet.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: And write on your non-kitchen hours?

LAURIE OLERICH: Well, I certainly have a full plate for the rest of 2017. I’m working on book four in the Demons After Dark series. I’m also putting together a cute novella featuring one of the Primani kids. Both of these books will be released between Dec and Jan 2018. After that? In 2018, I’m planning four more books. A couple more in DaD. A couple more in the Primani Series.

Check out Laurie Olerich’s supernatural world here and here! Just in time for Halloween and All Soul’s Night.

The LadySmut Fast Lane

Beach or Mountains? Mountains!
Ride on the back or drive the motorcycle? Ride on the back and hang on tight.
High heels or cowboy boots? Heels!
Night Owl or Early bird? Early bird gets the worm–and I like morning sex!
Cocktail or Wine? Wine, unless there’s bourbon. Bourbon’s not a cocktail.
Vampire, Shifter, Demon, Ghost or other supernatural creature? Demon… but my Primani are wicked hot and not filled with hellfire… so them!
Sam or Dean? (Supernatural TV stars and LadySmutters, if you don’t know who I’m talking about you have been missing out on life.) DEAN. All day. All night.
And finally, the top thing on your bucket list? Watching a NY Rangers NHL game in Madison Square Garden.

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Elizabeth SaFleur writes contemporary romance that dares to “go there.” Expect alpha males (and females), seductive encounters, and love. Learn more about her steamy and sexy stories by following her on Amazon and Bookbub.

Forbidden Pleasure

21 Jan

Liz Everly’s Sexy Saturday Round Up this week linked to an interesting article at MODERNMAN.COM about “7 Sex Moves You Use That Women Hate”.

The article definitely hits upon a few home truths about sex in our modern times.  (Mister, if you know what’s good for you, don’t mess with Madeline’s beauty sleep.)

While the article perhaps gives the unflattering impression that most men are like eager young dogs–pantingly happy to have any kind of sex, any time, any place, the tips are mostly for men who perhaps aren’t very observant or quick to pick up on subtle female behavioral and verbal cues.

Why is all the pressure on men to understand what women want instead of women speaking up? Why can’t women speak up without bruising the oh-so-sensitive male ego? Ah, communicating about sex!  It just ain’t easy.

Unmade Bed by catphrodite at deviantART

Unmade Bed by catphrodite at deviantART

How nice then to take a break from the reality of men and women not communicating in our modern world and go over to the land of erotic romance. In a good erotic romance all that non-communication is transmogrified into perfect, mind-blowingly great sex.  But how do erotic writers create such great sex on the page?

One ingredient of the best erotic romances — or indeed any romance — that creates amazing sexual magic between two people is when they like exactly the same thing in bed.  But is that really possible?

Well…yes.  It’s not about the slim odds of two people with some unusual predilection who happen to find each other [ “Joseph, I want you to rub my body all over with yogurt and honey, then lick it off.”] It’s more often about one of the partners being extremely open minded and happily rolling with the preferences of the other partner.  In other words:

Joseph = most men = someone happy licking yogurt & honey off your body

Yet I suspect it’s not that easy to write a successful erotic romance scene merely by portraying the heroine speaking her fantasy out loud and the hero enthusiastically responding.  There’s got to be more there than just the magic of communication and a willingness to commence with some kink.

lora leighSo what’s the secret of great erotic romance?  There are two books I’ll refer to here.  One is Lora Leigh’s book, aptly named FORBIDDEN PLEASURE, and the other is J.R. Ward’s book LOVER ETERNAL.  In each book there is a kind of structure at work that leads the reader to a satisfying conclusion.

1. The Partner Who Listens & Percieves

The article Liz linked to at MODERNMAN.com had some basic advice for guys: listen, think about it, then proceed with patience. Normally, there is nothing hotter in a romance novel than this kind of perceptive guy who’s a good listener, aka the mind reading hero.  Lora Leigh tips this trope on its head with FORBIDDEN PLEASURE, because it’s her heroine Keiley who starts off listening and perceiving that something’s going on with her man.  Keiley’s going to figure out what it is, and then address the issue, because she’s full of sass that way.

Meanwhile, in LOVER ETERNAL, our hero Rhage, a vampire, has such a vast experience of women, along with his uber-vamp-hotness powers, that he’s able to perceive every itty bitty thing about Mary at a glance.  She’s saying no-no-no, but why? He scratches his head over this because her body is saying yes-yes-yes and they’re obviously meant to be together for forever.

2. Understanding the Forbidden Desire

In FORBIDDEN PLEASURE, once Keiley knows what the issue is (her husband Mac wants to share her with his best friend Jethro) she’s freaking out.  They can’t do that.  She’s not that kind of girl, etc. At this point Mac is the one who takes over with the listening and perceiving.  He watches Keiley and notes that she’s wobbling between her own fears–and desire.

J.R. WardIn LOVER ETERNAL, Rhage finds out a secret about Mary. (Spoiler alert! She’s dying.)  Her forbidden desire is to have once–just once–a hot fling with an amazingly hot guy, and Rhage is her dream come true. So what holds her back from fulfilling her desire? Rhage is serious about Mary.  He wants a no-holds-barred kind of relationship.  She doesn’t want him to fall in love with her and then later rip his heart out by dying.

3. Building Up to the Forbidden Desire

Is exactly what Mac does with Keiley.  Slowly, patiently, listening and watching her all the time to see what’s driving her crazy for more, and holding back from what’s too much (for now).

4. Overcoming the Inhibition Against the Forbidden (whatever it is).

Rhage picks his moments when Mary is vulnerable and feeling too pissed off at her own bad luck to care about making wise decisions.  He’s there to catch her when she abandons common sense and lets their mutual desire sweep them away.  Lots of very intense, hot sex immediately follows.

5. Fulfilling the Forbidden Desire

This is the moment we wait for and wait for as readers.  In real life it can provide a touch stone of trust to look back upon and strengthen the relationship.  In books, this is where we’re headed towards the HEA ending a.s.a.p.

In the future, we’ll see how this this “fulfillment of forbidden desires” trope develops.  One modern development that I already like is when its the guy’s turn.  It’s not only a heroine who won’t-can’t-omg yes! these days.  Charlotte Stein’s story RESTRAINT presents us with an inhibited male who has a secret desire and the woman who will tease it out of him.  There are many  m/m romance authors showing us the guy-in-the-closet getting his “no, that’s not me, I can’t” protests on.  Let’s face it, men are being targeted as the object of desire more than ever before.

Not only that–more authors are embracing male virgins in the genre these days.  And there’s no rule saying that the more open-minded and experienced partner can’t be female.  In fact, Ellora’s Cave has a whole line of older women-younger men romances called SOPHISTICATE that seems to call out for this kind of trope.  I’ll check it out next week and report back.

Frankenstorm Freak Fest Line-Up!

29 Oct

Greetings ghoulish girlies and other vampyr fans! Madeline here, to tell you about this week’s special Halloween/Frankenstorm book give aways.

On Tuesday, one lucky commenter who responds to Liz Everly’s blog post will win THE VAMPIRE AND THE VIRGIN by Kerryln Sparks.









Wednesday, Elizabeth Shore will be giving away FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON by Jeaniene Frost to a lucky commenter on her blog post.










Thursday I’ll be doing a Q&A with Pamela Palmer and giving away a copy of her latest book A BLOOD SEDUCTION which is the first book in her new series VAMP CITY.  It’s shiveringly creepy and sexy and takes Urban Fantasy in a whole new interesting direction. If you like Kim Harrison, I think you’re gonna like this book.
















Finally, on Friday, Elizabeth Shore will be giving away a classic in the erotic romance vampyre oeuvre — Butch’s story as told by J.R. Ward in LOVER REVEALED.




So get ready to howl at the moon, and howl out your responses to our posts this week and win some goodies for your plastic pumpkin–after all, our give-away has zero calories and a lot of bloodthisty fun!

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