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The Kama Sutra: More Than Tab A and Slot B

7 Feb
Need a roadmap? Look elsewhere. Want to think? This might be the book for you.

Need a roadmap? Look elsewhere. Want to think? This might be the book for you.

By Alexa Day

Want to hear a secret? Sure you do.

Pretty soon, we’re going to announce a giveaway. Aren’t you excited? Nothing like a little random chance to make the day go by faster, I find.

But while you’re waiting to hear more about the giveaway, I thought we’d spend a few minutes with one of the classics.

Do you have a copy of the Kama Sutra?

I do. It’s not a new copy; I’ve had it for years. Mine is the Danielou translation. It’s complete, unlike the Burton translation. Burton was known to skip over the parts that made him uncomfortable and then use euphemism to render the rest of the book incomprehensible. Not so with Danielou. It’s still not the easiest thing in the world to read, but at least it’s all here.

My copy isn’t illustrated. There’s a large contingent of readers who question the utility of a Kama Sutra without illustrations. I’m not sure I’m convinced, either. Reading about the sex positions without the illustrations is a bit like reading assembly instructions without diagrams. Sure, you’ll probably get the project finished eventually, but you will wish for a picture many times before you’re done, even if the picture isn’t especially helpful.

Truth be told, though, the positions aren’t the most interesting part of the Kama Sutra. Not even close. So if you have a copy with no illustrations, have no fear.

The best part of the Kama Sutra, to my mind, is that it will make you think.

There’s a chapter entitled Virile Behavior in Women, which describes the alternatives available to women who had not been satisfied by their lovers. Scratching and biting each get their own chapter. I never imagined there was so much to know about scratching. Apparently, there are eight kinds of scratch marks, where I would only have counted one.

There are six chapters on courtesans, and a great deal of attention is devoted to the emotional difference between a relationship with a lover and commerce with a courtesan. And of course, there’s the challenge of reading the positions without illustrations, if you want to put your visual imagination through its paces.

The Kama Sutra isn’t a how-to, despite its format. It’s more of a cultural study. But it’s interesting to examine what life the Kama Sutra brings to today’s sexual culture.

And it lends a bit of weight to one’s shelves. Right?

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Dripping With Jewels

15 Feb

Woman With NecklaceHappy Friday, Lady Smut readers! Continuing with my sexy apparel thoughts that I began on Wednesday, I’m now venturing into the realm of jewelry, all kinds of jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, bangels, rings. How do we wear it, when do we wear it, how much, and whom for. Jewelry is such a fun adornment because it can dress up a bland outfit, serve as the dramatic finishing touch to Oscar-worthy gowns, or be the sexiest thing you’ve ever worn.

A quick peek at the history of jewelry reveals indications that it’s been worn as long as 90,000 years ago. Ancient EgyptFirst worn by people in Africa and then Egypt, it eventually spread to the Greeks and Romans and then throughout the world. We’ve all seen cave drawings of ancient Egyptians, and they’re frequently adorned with bracelets and elaborate headpieces. Check out this one. The middle woman is sporting some serious gold earrings, big and round as dinner plates. I’m digging the belly chains, too.

A personal favorite of mine in the sexy jewelry category are necklaces that fall oh-so-sensuously between the breasts and lead the eyes downward toward the goods. If they’re made of diamonds, that doesn’t hurt, but I’d take these pearls, too.Necklace

And speaking of pearls . . . what a versatile little gem they are! Pearls come in various sizes and display all kinds of moods.

Conservative:Margaret Thatcher

Glamorous:Audrey Hepburn


Woman With Pearls Sexy

I like the different materials that are made to create jewelry. Gems, metals, fabrics – leather cuff, anyone? And pretty much any part of the body is fair game. A friend of mind has a pierced belly button, and one of her favorite rings has an arrow on it that points straight downward. It’s a tiny little thing that you don’t even necessarily notice, but she says just having it on and knowing that it’s aimed straight down between her legs makes her feel like a sexy vixen.

Maybe diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I’m personally more of a ruby girl. I love the dramatic red color, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Oh, but I just missed it. Shoot. Well, maybe I’ll have to drop a hint to my better half for next year. 🙂

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