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We're All Kinky Monsters. Yes, We Are.

By Elizabeth SaFleur I have no frickin’ idea how to start this post, except to tell you the truth. I was minding my own Internet business doing research when I came across  this Psychology Today blog post talking about how fetishes aren’t so, well, fetish-y anymore. It’s a fascinating short read in which I learned in some parts of Japan you can

The Art Of The Spank

By Elizabeth Shore Our fellow Lady Smutter Rachel Kramer Bussel recently posted a wonderful article on how to achieve orgasm through spanking. Full of insight as to why some lucky folks can get off from getting spanked and the emotional connection tied to it, there was one line in the article that got me thinking. Rachel wrote

BDSM Disney Style

by Kiersten Hallie Krum If you always believed there was something kinky underneath the surface of Disney characters, this post is for you. Artist Christopher Stoll has created the series Disney Dommes featured this week on the Shady Lady Fairy Tales blog. In this series, Stoll recreates Disney “princesses” and their male “princes” in fetish and BDSM poses.

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