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Litsy: What You Get if Goodreads & Instagram Have a Baby

11 Dec

by Madeline Iva

Dear readers–Hello! I am here today with Melissa Norr, a librarian that I met on a blogger panel at Washington Romance Writers a few weeks ago.  Melissa is going to tell us all about a new–well, new-ish–app called Litsy.  

MELISSA NORR: Litsy is an app-only book focused social media. It’s relatively young in that it has only been out a few years on iPhones and only about a year for Androids. It is often described as “if Goodreads and Instagram had a baby” and that’s pretty accurate.

How Litsy works

Sample Litsy page

Much of the content on Litsy is book based in that Littens (Litsy users) post books they are reading or want to read as well as short reviews of books they have read. Every post requires that a book be tagged but despite that there are non-book related posts, mostly in the realm of sharing likes and dislikes so Littens can get to know each other. There are also many pet related posts and #catsoflitsy and #dogsoflitsy are popular tags on the app.

That said, like most social media, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. Interaction is key on Litsy. Following, posting, liking, and commenting are the key to growing your Litfluence (a score generated by Listy based on interactions) and gaining followers.

The Littens @raimeygallant, @TrishB, and @julesG created and collated a #LitsyTips tag with some wonderful advice and hints for joining, using, and getting the most out of Litsy.

MADELINE IVA: Given the hesitation that many timid folk may have about getting more involved in Goodreads you might want to check this new app out.  I think our own lovely Kiersten Hallie Krum put it best: Goodreads is fabulous! But it can go from friendly to toxic in the time it takes a sports car to go from zero to sixty.  Melissa, are there any reviewers you’d recommend?

MELISSA NORR: If I use tags in reviews, it is usually a genre tag like #romantsy for romance or #ilovecozies for cozy mysteries. That said, anyone who follows me (or another reviewer) will always see everything we post in their feed. Litsy doesn’t use an algorithm to decide which posts show up – you see everything posted by the people you follow in chronological order.

I recommend following people based on what they review. For instance, if you write urban fantasy then follow folks who have left reviews on books in that genre. That said, the more people you follow, the more people will follow you and build your network.

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