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Psssst! Free Read By Daisy Harris

4 Dec

I’ve talked about the magic fun of Daisy Harris before–I just saw that she’s put up LUST AFTER DEATH, her zombie bride book as a free read for the next two weeks.  Check it out here, sistah.


Hunks o’ Steel

22 Oct

Hello, it’s Madeline, back from being out in the glorious fall weather. (If you garden like I do, you don’t see rotting dead leaves everywhere, you see black gold for your raised beds.) Ah Nature! It’s exactly the opposite of today’s post: hunks o’ steel.  Those glorious man-made creations that have marched out of science fiction stories and into the sexier world of erotic romance.

What’s so appealing about a cyborg lover? A hot-bot romance? A funky, freaky Frankenstein with (ahem!) custom made parts?


Well, these heroes probably lack all sense of shame or repression.  Built tall and with muscles for days they aren’t vain, don’t need the ego strokes that your alpha-insecure human hero might need.

Jude Law in AI was a woman pleasing machine.


They are protective, and can use brutal force on an enemy.  They have a toughness beyond humans that might come in handy for an epic kick-ass-save-the-world adventure.

Cleopatra 2525 had sexy man-bots that were occasionally used for more than just science lab experiments.




Someone once commented on liking a hero who achieved his goal only because he tried so exceptionally hard.  This sounds like the worker-bee cyborg to me.  The idea of a hot-bot who is supremely skilled ink the sack sounds deliciously fun.

Rutger Hauer displayed humanity at the end in Blade Runner


A neo-Frankenstein might be more complicated to fall for, with some pain in his heart, some persecution issues, perhaps even a tragic limited shelf-life.


Yet I could imagine such a hero having an even greater appreciation for being alive, and being with the untamed creation gone rogue could provide an edge of danger if he should lose control.

At any rate, there are fabulous writers out there who create these very interesting woman-made lovers of the future.  

Laurann Dohner is one, and I’ll be interviewing another futuristic writer of hot man-made hunks, Ms. Daisy Harris this Thursday.  We’ll be discussing Daisy’s more recent work which are m/m, but we’ll check out her back list too, writing futuristic schiz for Ellora’s Cave.  Stay tuned.

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