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Like Soldiers? My Obsession with Matthias Schoenaerts Continues!

7 Sep

This week, I’m talking about the hotness factor of Matthias Schoenaerts in two different films where he plays two different kinds of soldiers and brace yourself, because there are a billion shameless plugs at the end.

As devoted LS readers already know, Matthias Schoenaerts is one of those underrated actors we admire as he is becoming more of a hot commodity in Hollywood. He’s gradually creeping his way up the ladder of leading men through a combination of undeniable warm sexiness, excellent acting, and mad language skills. He’s a more accessible Tom Hardy. A less genial Tom Hiddleston. He’s more the quiet guy, more burly, more…Belgian. I’m always drawn in by how unassuming, quietly competent, and totally hot he is.

In DISORDER, Schoenaerts plays a soldier with PTSD who’s either paranoid or–unlike everyone around him–aware of hidden danger when taking care of a woman (Diane Kruger) and her little boy while her Arab husband is away.

This is different look for Schoenaerts – he’s a little grubby in this film. He usually plays the well dressed man. (With Mr. Oat in FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD being a picturesque variation). Here he’s got a shaved head, scruff-i-licious beard, and a soldier-y look. He’s also playing a different class of character – more middle class with their offhand brusqueness. Ultimately, he’s a man hanging onto his shit as his mind is unraveling. It’s a fast, gripping little movie….

THE HOTNESS FACTOR: He’s all beefy and scruffy and you just kind of want to grip him hard and bite his skin.

And if you like this kind of hero then (shameless plug #1) you’ll lurv of the hero of my friend Adriana Ander’s second book: BY HER TOUCH.  You all know Adriana—she’s been featured on this blog a lot. This is her second book with a DEA guy who’s got PTSD, and needs to remove all the gang tattoos he got while he was undercover in a biker gang. He encounters a female doctor willing to take off the tattoos.  She’s eager to dig under his skin and sooth his caged soul. (Yum!!!)

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In the other movie, SUITE FRANCAIS, Schoenaerts plays a German Lieutenant as the Germans roll into a French provincial town to occupy it in the first year of World War II.

Part of the regiment is quartered in the homes in the homes of the townspeople. And as an officer,  the lieutenant is quartered in a very nice home that Michelle Williams’s character Lucille. She lives in with her controlling mother-in-law while her husband is away at the front. She was married off to her husband by her father, and clearly doesn’t love him, but goes about with her mother-in-law and generally lives a repressive life, doing her duty. However,  she has a deep love of music and playing the piano soothes away the stresses of war.  The lieutenant wanted a house with a piano because back in Germany before he became a soldier he was a composer.  As they share their love of music, she’s drawn to his room to listen to the piano, and he’s drawn to her fragile, cultured goodness. He swiftly falls in love with her, even as the soldiers begin a series of abhorrent acts that he despises. Eventually, he is commanded to engage in these atrocities as well, and it takes a toll upon him—while he does what he can to help Michelle William’s character when she asks for his influence in certain matters relating to the townspeople.

The Schoenaerts Hotness factor: he’s tall and crisp–an imposing soldier with power over the town and and all townspeople. (Fans of dark romance would go ape over Schoenaerts in his German uniform.) In addition to that, he’s a sensitive composer, and a reluctant soldier. He brings the whole sane-people- in-a-world-gone-mad factor to the movie – otherwise it’s just a movie about a bunch of very uptight French provincials getting screwed by the Germans.

Even as Schoenaerts is all super clean shaven and short haired, there’s still something sensitive and sensual about his every look and touch. The combo of being all he-male in uniform and yet  a man with no defenses when he’s around Lucille—ready to give her anything he can, and shield her in any way he can—it’s compelling. He’s on the wrong side of the war, and married, etc.

This is one of those movies that knows how romance addicts are. They string you out on the scenes between the two of them—there aren’t as many as you want and they aren’t very long. Instead there is a lot of fraught tension and wind up. And at a certain point – I could tell that things were as good as they were going to get between these two illicit lovers. It was all going to be a rather tragic downhill slide from there on out. I’ll admit I stopped watching and went for a jog instead. While I jogged I continued the story in my own mind, creating scenarios where somehow, despite all the multiple challenges the characters got to be together after the war. So if you like your romance more flavored with bittersweet love, then this movie is your poison.

But speaking of choosing your own ending! (shameless plug #2) My good friend Nara Malone (such an excellent writer) has a new Choose-Your-Own-Romance book out called STORM RUNNERS.  You actually choose whom Trella, a singer/songwriter hooks up with — and what kind of Happily Ever After Trella lands.  (BTW, Don’t you just lurv this cover?????)

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And here’s my third shameless plug –if you like military romance–or even better yet, reading romances written by actual soldiers –check out another author–C.M. Moore. C.M. Moore is actually two people –my friends Connor and Monica. Both served tours of duty in Afghanistan and their military infused futuristic romances reflect that experience. Their second book, titled 2:05am is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

Final shameless plug which has nothing to do with Matthias Schoenaerts whatsoever, but does have to do with a sexy sorcerer/soldier.  My publisher has started uploading my latest work WICKED ENCHANTRESS onto Wattpad. WICKED ENCHANTRESS is book two in my Wicked Magic Series.  Here’s a blurb and a cover:


After Rhine the sorcerer and soldier inadvertently saves a kitchen maid named Wart from an evil spell, he tries to reunite the maid with her one remaining friend, Zephyr the Sorceress.  Yet the famous sorceress is not in her tower as usual. Her lover, Theo the Black Knight, has taken her to Balfad where elves rule and Theo’s father is the Winter King.    

Rhine takes Elspeth all the way to Balfad–yet keeps his distance though Elspeth secretly pines for him.  After Rhine is overcome by a deceitful enchantress, Elspeth is the only one determined to do whatever it takes to save him. If that means risking her own life to become an enchantresses too, so be it. When she discovers Rhine half-naked and locked up in chains, she realizes that the sorcerer is almost mad with the sensual torments of his enchantment.  In helping him find relief, Elspeth’s inner wickedness begins to take over…one pleasurable deed at a time…

The first episode is going up tomorrow, Friday.  Whooo-ha! So follow me on Wattpad and you can start reading …The story will be serialized for at least the next ten weeks, and all episodes will be available until January, 2018.




Sexy Saturday Round Up

8 Dec
Photo by Dollen

Photo by Dollen

Ho-ho-ho Christmas revelers.  Here is a bit of holiday cheer, just for you.

Smutketeers is rockin’ around the Christmas tree with a 12 day massive book give away, including a 200.00 gift card.

50 Shades of Grey is the Gift that Doesn’t Stop Giving—to this publishing house at least.

We think eggnog is an aphrodisiac–so we’ve included this interview with foodie romance novelist Kimberly Kincaid.

Once you’ve made peace with your relationship to eggnog, here’s a dose of sanity about how to think of your thighs

Will you be home for Christmas? Amber Adams thinks whoever said you can never go home was an idiot. 

What’s Santa got in his sack just for you?  Let’s see…

Carina Press is putting out a call for holiday novellas in four flavors.

Oliver Rhodes wants you to take control of your brand.

Nara Malone offers a simple way to double your daily word count: http://passionatereads.com/2012/11/08/nanowrimo-tip-simple-way-to-double-daily-word-count/

Finally, for all you history geeks out there doing research, know when to say when.

Now go stand under some mistletoe. 🙂

Peace & Nutmeg,

The Lady Smut Elf

Teledildonics? Q&A with Nara Malone

15 Nov

NARA MALONE is an erotic romance author with a cutting edge vision of the future.  Forget e-pub–Nara talks to you about transmedia fiction.  Part of an elusive techno-tribe, this Ellora’s Cave author trolls the internet horizon to explore the boundaries of Second Life, researches potential medical evils in biomedical-engineering and also applies her writing chops in the video-gaming world.  I emailed with Nara about how she takes her fascinating interests and applies them to her writing.  

MADELINE IVA: Your book SNATCH ME takes place (at least half the time) in a virtual world.  It may sound odd but, is there a real virtual world online where this kind of hunt n ravish thing happens?

NARA MALONE: While there is nothing exactly like the premise in Snatch Me, there are several regions in Second Life where similar role play takes place– Hard Alley and Kingdom of Pleasure come to mind.

MADELINE IVA: Did you enter this world and research it? Was it easy to navigate at first?

NARA MALONE: I did visit these worlds. I did the trailer for Snatch Me in Hard Alley. Navigating in Second Life is sometimes frustrating because of something called lag–basically a delay between the time you send a signal to your avatar to do something and the time it takes the avatar to respond. You might click repeatedly on a mouse several times because nothing happened and then all of a sudden your mouse clicks are registered and your avatar walks off a cliff.

I once had a very long conversation with an invisible fellow in Hard Alley. I was certain he was playing some sort of game because no matter what I tried, or what he suggested, I could not see him. It turned out that my slow connection just was lagging behind downloading information and twenty minutes into the conversation he materialized in front of me. You have to admire the patience of the players in the game that they accept such quirks as facts of life in virtual worlds and are willing to work together to get beyond them.  Fortunately lag isn’t constant. Like bad weather, it comes and goes.

MADELINE IVA: Explain: do the guys in this world just have at the women? Or is there consent involved? Or is a woman consenting just by entering the world?  Were there any surprises that came up during your research?

NARA MALONE: For another avatar to have any power at all over you in Second Life or any virtual world, you have to implement software that will give them that control. You have to use a viewer (like a web browser for virtual environments) that implements restrained love features. You have to turn that feature on in the viewer. In addition, a player wishing to take a submissive role has to wear an object, such as a collar or tag, that allows a dominant to take control. By nature of the programming scripts involved the game demands a certain level of consent to participate. Beyond that, if a dominant is someone the submissive decides she doesn’t wish to play with, or if there is some aspect of play that exceeds her limits, she can say no. That no is respected by all players and region owners. If it’s not, she can make a complaint to the region moderators or owner. As a final safety, all a player has to do to stop something from happening is to log off the viewer. So there are multiple levels of consent.

MADELINE IVA: (trying not to snort) What’s a “talking penis”?

NARA MALONE: (laughing.) I first discovered the phenomena of talking genitals when I took a role play class. The instructor mentioned that having genitals on automatic in public places filled the chat with comments from genitals and was considered bad manners. If you have genitals with those features, you’re supposed to turn them off in public.  I try very hard not to come across as too much of a noob, but really, who could let a comment like that go? The penises talk? Vaginas too? What did they say? Why did they talk?

I asked.

Programmers being wonderfully creative and helpful beings, love to solve problems. One problem that came up quite a bit, from what I can gather, is that when a scene between avatar lovers got hot and heavy, their typing skills started to suffer, first spelling went south and as things really heated up, speed slowed when the participating parties shifted from two hands typing to one hand. One inventive fellow decided it might be handy if the avatars genitals could insert canned phrases into the chat while the real life people were…um…taking care of business. I believe the comments are activated by the level of excitement experienced by the participants and those might be interfaced with something called teledildonics. So the comments might move from “Oh, baby” to “ohhhhhh” as things heat up. We’re way past the level of my research here. I have never seen or tried teledildonics and I didn’t own any talking avatar genitals and didn’t know anyone who did. I’m clueless as to what a penis might actually say, but it’s fun to imagine 😉

MADELINE IVA: Your next book BLIND HEAT involves a heroine with face blindness.  What is face blindness–does it really exist?

NARA MALONE: Face blindness does exist and unfortunately my research on that front was gleaned from my experience with the condition. I have normal vision, but for some as yet undetermined reason face blind individuals cannot imprint a mental image of a face. The more severe cases, like mine, can’t recognize close family members. I depend on other clues like hair, body shape, the place where I normally expect to see certain people to give me clues to identity.

MADELINE IVA: In BLIND HEAT there are human-animal embryos in a science lab.  You’ve said elsewhere that this is actually happening in the real world.  Why? What’s the point? How is the science in your world different from what’s going on in this world?

NARA MALONE: Why create hybrids? Some say to help them better study human health issues. Some want to make money from patents. I imagine there could be military reasons to do so.

Here’s a paper at the NIH discussing human/rat chimera http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2220020/ Here’s an article in the Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A19781-2005Feb12.html about the patent office refusing to patent a research project where the resulting chimera would be “too-human”. That’s a point I mention in the book, at what percentage of human is a non-human/human chimera considered human. What percentage human does it have to be to have human rights? I’m always surprised by how many readers don’t realize that this research has moved way beyond science fiction and has been reality for many years.

MADELINE IVA: What’s your favorite kind of erotic romance? What do you look for in an excellent read?

NARA MALONE: I’ve recently been reading capture romance. Two of my favorite authors in that genre are Claire Thompson and S.J. Lewis. I think the key to capture romance is the suspense and conflict. Claire Thompson goes for the quick capture and keeps you in suspense over how it will all end. S. J. Lewis excells at prolonging the hunt, that dance between hunter and hunted.

MADELINE IVA: For writers out there who struggle with pitching their work to editors and agents– how easy was it for you to pitch your first book to Ellora’s Cave?  Was your first pitch successful?
NARA MALONE: It’s never easy to pitch a book, but if you have a good book and can manage to convey that despite the nerves, you will have a successful pitch. I think my first pitch to Ellora’s Cave wasn’t a great pitch, but I was lucky that the book, The Tiger’s Tale, was far better than the pitch and I managed to get that  across. My manuscript was requested and a contract offered.
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