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I Want A Hot, Devoted, Skilled Soldier Lover and It's All Susan Stoker's Fault

by Elizabeth SaFleur A new Susan Stoker book release generally sends her fans into hyper-ventilating excitement. So, everyone have your paper bags ready. Her fifth Delta Force Heroes book, Rescuing Kassie (Delta Force Heroes), arrives May 15 and is now on pre-order. Let the one-clicking commence. Romantic suspense is a popular genre in Romancelandia, and Susan’s

Integrating the Erotic in Romance and Hitting a Groove with Best Selling Author Joey W. Hill

By Elizabeth SaFleur JOEY W. HILL is en erotic romance author and storyteller who causes one-click, trigger-happy fingers. She’s garnered a legion of fans for her contemporary works, which feature a diverse cast from boardroom executives to cops, as well as her paranormal tales, which involve mermaids, vampires and angels. Her stories never disappoint to melt your panties off while causing

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