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No Swinging, Please, We’re Jewish

19 Apr

By Elizabeth Shore

It’s pretty damn fun to be decadently naughty, isn’t it? To luxuriate in clandestine fantasies and hedonistic playtime that might make your friends utter a collective gasp if they knew you did such things. To have a secret, bad-girl self can be heady indeed, which of course is all part of the draw.

But what if indulging in your fantasies could result in total banishment from the life you know if you were ever discovered? What if you could lose your children, your emotional and financial support system, your house, your friends, your job, your family. Would you still risk all to do what you want to do? Be who you want to be? Such is the question that “Monica” and “James,” members of the Ultra-Orthodox Satmar Jewish sect, had to answer for themselves. ‘Cause the thing is, Monica and James are die-hard swingers.

An article in the New York Post last month profiled their story. By all outward appearances, they’re a conservative, late 30’s Ultra-Orthodox Jewish couple living rule-abiding lives and raising rule-abiding children in strict accordance with their faith. But when the lights go down the wigs and yarmulkes come off. James and Monica might have a delicious little ménage planned, or they might each have dates and sexy time with other people. Doesn’t matter to them. They love to swing and swing they do – keeping it all as top secret as Area 51.

Their clandestine lifestyle is not without risk. As they admit in the article, the consequences of discovery would be dire, including total banishment from their religion and community. Yet not only do they embrace their open-marriage, swinging lifestyle, but they took the risk a step further in order to share their story with the New York Post. As it turns out, Monica and James are skeptics about their faith. Outwardly, they maintain appearances to hold on to their network of friends and family. Privately, they have doubts and they want other Hasidic couples who may be struggling in the same way to know they’re not alone.

Looking at Monica and James’ situation from the outside, one might wonder why they don’t just ditch their religious lifestyle. They no longer believe in the faith, they’re hideously restricted by rules, they lead double lives and have to lie to friends, family, and their kids in order to do what they want. Why not bid it all a big fat sayonara and move on? Well, as one can obviously guess, it’s not that easy. Within the confines of a strict religious sect comes a loss of individuality. One’s choices are based on teachings and rules versus free will, and how life operates outside of the sect isn’t necessarily familiar. An interesting article in The Guardian about defectors who leave those strict communities details their struggles to adjust.

For the Monicas and James’s in this world, leaving what they know isn’t an option, so they accept the fact that they have to slink around like teenagers breaking curfew. For them the risk is worth it, not only for the sexual freedom but the emotional fulfillment as well. Monica has to develop some sort of emotional connection before taking on a prospective lover, which is A-OK by James. As he says, “It’s been beautiful to watch Monica fall in love with someone else.”

It seems to me that exploring a situation like this would be a hell of a great romance. It’s got all the ingredients of a page-turning best seller: cloak-and-dagger double life, big risk, possible disastrous consequences, and of course, steaming hot sex. Yum-o! I see book plots galore! Jewish heros and heroines are practically non-existent in romance. Hey…does anyone hear knocking? I think opportunity might be at the door.

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Elizabeth Shore writes both contemporary and historical erotic romance. Her newest book is an erotic historical novella, Desire Rising, from The Wild Rose Press. Other releases include Hot Bayou Nights and The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires




Island Retreat For Those Who Cheat

20 Apr

By Elizabeth Shore

You know what’s tough about having a steamin’ hot adulterous affair? Finding someplace to have it! Really, think about it. The situation can be fraught with frustration. If you’re both attached, you can hardly go to your own dwellings. So that’s out. Hotels are an option, of course, but they get expensive. You could shack up in the back of your car like canoodling teenagers, although do you really want to be busted in your birthday suit when Mr. Policeman raps on your steamed up car window?

Luckily, IllicitEncounters.com to the rescue! The U.K.’s answer to AshleyMadison.com, Illicit Encounters (“the U.K.’s leading married-dating website”) aims to hook up those who want to be hooked in a “no-strings attached” relationship, i.e., no commitment, please, we’re married. But in addition to the match-ups, IllicitEncounters tackles that nagging “where to shag” conundrum by, according to a recent article that first appeared in the New York Post, getting the bright idea of buying an island. Surf, sand, and decidedly unwholesome Frankie and Annette beach party fun.

The good news, as an Illicit Encounters spokesperson said, is that this ain’t just any ol’ island. No no. This will be the Las Vegas of islands! What happens there, stays there. Visitors will be required to sign non-disclosure agreements (which doesn’t sound like much of a problem, frankly, since non-disclosure is an essential part of any good affair). Then, with the paperwork all done, you and your lover are blindfolded (!) – to ensure the secret getaway indeed remains secret – and whisked away in a helicopter to your island love shanty. There you can have a banging good time with the left-behind spouses remaining none the wiser.

Founded in 2003, Illicit Encounters boasts a membership of over 748,000. Don’t think it’s all just men, either. According to the site, they have a healthy base of female members.  But that site’s small potatoes compared with Ashley Madison (tagline: Life is Short. Have an Affair.) Despite last year’s hack scandal, Ashley Madison keeps calm and carries on, boasting membership of over…wait for it… 39 million. Clearly there are plenty of cheatin’ hearts among those giant numbers who’d love a sun-drenched island to which they can escape.

There are many who, for good reason, frown upon this. The subtext to the term “committed” relationship, after all, means you’ve committed to being faithful to that one special person. You’re not intending on shagging, banging, or having an “illicit” encounter of any kind and you expect the same of your spouse. So it may raise eyebrows a’plenty to look at the statistics of websites who all but rub your face in the fact that lots of folks are doing lots of cheating.

Putting any and all emotion aside, I admit that I’ve wondered whether most of us are truly wired to be faithful to a single partner. Is variety the spice of life when it comes to lovers as well? How else to explain all the cheating? There are plenty of articles in which the question is raised. One interesting one appeared a few years ago at LiveScience.com in which sociology professor Pepper Schwarz says, “I don’t think we’re a monogomous animal. Monogomy is invented for order and investment, but not because it’s ‘natural.’ ”

Well, then. I have no doubt Ashley Madison would say, “Put that in your after-sex pipe and smoke it.” Natural or not, plenty of steamy hot affairs are happening now and will happen in the future. And if you’re dipping your toe in unfaithful waters, you can soon do in on the beaches of a secret sex island.

Elizabeth Shore writes both contemporary and historical erotic romance. Her recent releases include Hot Bayou Nights and The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires. Look for her erotic historical novella, Desire Rising, coming April 29th from The Wild Rose Press. Pre-order available now.










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