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Community: Finding Your Tribe

When you think Virginia Woolf, you may tend to think of the resigned suicide portrayed in The Hours, but she was an innovative writer with a good sense of humour and an ambition to write the kind of stories that fired her imagination. While troubled and struggling for much of her life, Woolf survived longer than she

Pleasing You

By Liz Everly Last week, my blog post about Miss Fisher’s Mysteries, “The Sexy Vibe of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” went berserk. The numbers were sky high. I don’t usually pay attention my numbers on the blog, but this was so amazingly high that it grabbed my attention. Which of course made me wonder why.

How to Write a Book Review

by C. Margery Kempe I’m always surprised to hear people say they really liked a book but were reluctant to write a review because ‘I didn’t know what to write.’ Those of us who write for a living can easily forget how intimidating the process can be for folks used to diving into the joy

Skipping Over The Sex Scenes

By Elizabeth Shore Do you remember the first time you ever read a sex scene? I sure do. The book wasn’t even a romance, in fact it was a murder mystery, but there was a brief scene between two characters meeting for a secret tryst in a snow- covered woodsy cabin. There’s a bit of

Readers: How Much Sex in Your Story?

By Liz Everly Very few people in my real life know that I write sexy romances, labeled as “erotic romance.” But a few trusted souls know—one of whom told me she was shocked when she read SAFFRON NIGHTS and CRAVINGS because the books have a lot of story in them. She expected more sex, less

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