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What I REALLY Want for Christmas

Hi! I’m Thien-Kim Lam, and I’m the new kid here at Lady Smut. Instead of being hazed by my fellow authors, I’ve been tasked to write about vibrators–one of my favorite topics. Enjoy! I’ve been told that I’m hard to shop for. It’s true. My family members lament about this challenge every holiday. My mother

Sex toys, always more than meets the eye…

By Isabelle Drake Mysterious, tantalizing, surprising, smooth, and designed to make you feel amazing. Think I’m describing a perfect guy? Nope. I’m describing sex toys—everything from the tried and true girl’s best friend, the classic vibrator, to remote control butt plugs. If you’re lucky enough to be a woman, toys are all about you because

Ladies, Are You Unbound?

By Alexa Day You know what? I love treating myself to stuff. I’ve been good. Or good enough. It’s hard and hot out there, and not in a sexy way. I deserve a little something. Unbound found me in this state of mind. Unbound is a company based in New York City and dedicated to

Read A Book, Have An Orgasm

By Elizabeth Shore For those familiar with the vibrator industry – and if not, have I got a homework assignment for you! – the dominant player among high-end devices is Lelo. Praised for it innovative, sleek designs, Lelo also manufacturers one of the priciest vibrators in the world – a $15,000, 24-karat gold-plated number that

One Small Implant for a Woman, One Giant Orgasm for Womankind?

By Alexa Day Technology is awesome. I’m mesmerized by the Apple Watch. I’m super stoked about the electric car. (I’d rather have one that flies, but you know, other drivers.) I even love the occasional throwback, like that time medieval medicine killed the MRSA superbug. Prithee, superbug, what saith thou? Even as the world advances, though,

Pussy Footing Around

By Elizabeth Shore So here we are a week and a half away from Valentine’s Day and lots of us are thinking, dang. What could I get this year that would really show him my love? It could be something of the romantic variety. A beautiful card. His favorite cologne. A cozy sweater. Or maybe you

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