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Sexy Saturday Round Up

25 Mar

Kiss me, I’m Irish.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend! We’re here to nurse that greenish complexion back to a rosy hue with some soothing links all about scintillating deeds being done in the name of lurv.  So slip some of that Irish Creme in your coffee and enjoy!

From Madeline:

Buffy is 20!

Amy Poehler has a supreme vagina–‘the Angelina Jolie of vaginas

Fictional Literary Texts

5 best literary sex scenes to bone up on

Sleeping naked supposedly has good effects on yer bod.

Romance author Brenda Jackson shares how she worked with her one true love to grow her romance empire out of POC romance.

You’re not just peeing—you’re improving your sex life!

Adorable historical slang for intercourse

What would the bookstore look like with only women authors? One book store tries it for a day…

Tell the men: her orgasm is not about you.

From Elizabeth Shore

Your signs are made, you’re ready to protest – but what to eat? Fuel your activist fire with the “she persisted” energy bar.

What the future of porn and sex technology means for women.

Threesomes can be awesome – but you’ve gotta plan them well.

It’s here all in one convenient place! The Nerve’s official glossary of sex terms.

8 weird looking things to plug up your butt that feel divine.

Is your man craving some wicked big guns? Here are the seven best exercises that’ll give him amazing arms.

Everything you need to know about ball gags.

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch thinks it’s just fine to ask female employees if they plan on having kids.

Weird claymation video makes people feel either comforted or totally creeped out.

From Thien-Kim

Everyone has fantasies. Here’s 43 secret sexual ones.

Pairing sex toys with sexy reads? Count me in.

How long does an average sex session last? You might be surprised–or not.

Can Ikea ruin your marriage?

Apparently having more sex is good for your career. Let’s get cracking.

Looking for some new super sexy reads? Here are some free books for your ereader.






Sexy Saturday Round Up

11 Mar

Welcome to the weekend! We’re here to urge you to fall back into bed, plump up those pillows and enjoy yourself with a good long read of all these fascinating links.  Where’s the coffee?

From Elizabeth Sa Fleur:

Where oh where to put all my sex toys?

Dominatrixes who are “Whipping America back into shape, one middle aged white man at a time.”

From Madeline Iva:

How your masturbating can help your sex life (but maybe not his masturbating)

When your partner dies, there goes the sex too.  Grieving the loss of sex.

You’re looking for Noir-Murder-Mystery-Romance–but just what ARE you looking for? Smart Bitches Trashy Books chews on this topic with various recommendations.

Women squirting during sex is an old thing that’s a new thing:

Now a slightly different take from Jezebel–Shejaculation: How I learned to stop worrying and love the gush

Women are better at day to day multi-tasking, men want to disagree–but they’re too busy holding the baby while trying to make dinner and talk on the phone.

Tracee Ellis Ross is loving her booty.

While this dude has beard envy.

I sobbed. Scientific American gives us the story of NASAS real “human computers” the women Hidden Figures is based upon.

From Elizabeth Shore

Creepy victim-shaming Canadian judge decides it’s best to resign after questioning why a rape victim couldn’t just keep her legs together.

And the #1 porn search term worldwide in 2016 was…

So you think you know what men like in women best? Read here for the list (hint, it’s not what you think).

Oh my, was that ancient Han dynasty ever a kinky bunch. Giant jade dildo, anyone?

Just in case you want to feel worse about yourself, Tinder’s working on “Tinder Select,” that’s invitation only for hot, rich people.

Another reason to have lots of sex – it’s good for your career.



Sexy Saturday Round Up

4 Feb


If you read Lady Smut, Fassy, would you even admit it?

Hey Fassy, if you read Lady Smut, Fassy, would you even admit it?

It’s resort time for the filthy rich, but here at LadySmut we’re putting on the sunglasses and faux-fur before diving outside to get a little Valentine’s Day shopping done for our fav boo.

Are you ready for some hot links to all that is weird, stimulating, and smutty this week? Well, pour yourself another cuppa joe and then hop back into bed with Joe to enjoy this week’s SSRU. ; >

From Madeline:

Yes!– to this super-bowl ad.

This female recruit is a lean mean fighting machine!

Did we evolve to get fat? Why? (Why? whyyyyyyyyy?)

Would you like to see Idris Elba try to become a kick boxer? Yes please!

A day with women scientists who are protesting Trump.

OMG! Half-naked animal rights protesters have themselves BRANDED.

From Thien-Kim

If only this app called Licker really existed

Skip the sappy Valentine’s cards and go for adorably awkward ones

Or maybe just gift your Valentine with a sex toy that makes both of you happy

Meet this adorable burly biker and his pussy (the orange tabby kind)

From Elizabeth Shore

Cum on! An oral history of the money shot.

Getting ready for the big game – 15 beer-loaded Superbowl snacks. Soft pretzel bites and beer cheese dip, anyone?

Then again, if you’re trying to avoid the big game, why not rent a steamy movie from this list of the all-time sexiest.

Pornhub goes beyond porn by launching a sex education site.

Camel no! Seamless Thread offers a discreet way to hide your luscious lips.





Sexy Saturday Round Up

28 Jan

Ready to settle down to a quietly satisfying weekend? Well, you’ve come to the right place.  The world outside may be going to hell in a handbag, but you can cozy up here to our fire and enjoy yourself with some fascinating blog posts around the world about the funny, bad, weird world of sex, love, and the clitoris. Enjoy!

From Madeline

What’s a Beardosexual? Read all about it at Heroes & Heartbreakers.

A must-read ling from Alexa’s blog post: Just have sex with ugly people.

Because after all, science has discovered that you are less beautiful than you think.

This top model is intersex and telling the world all about it.

The UK gives the side eye to employee dress codes.

From Mental Floss: 10 Exceptional Female Con artists 

From Thien-Kim

Run out of batteries or misplaced your battery operated buddy? You’ll never look at your household items the same way.

Apparently men with big bellies can last 5 minutes longer in bed. Almost 3 times as long as the average “skinny” man.

Let’s bust these vaginal care myths once and for all.

Curious about anal play? Read this guide for beginners, which includes toy recommendations.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Sitting in and watching movies this weekend? Here are 10 sexy ones that’ll lead movie night straight to the bedroom.

Beauty’s no longer just for the girls. Here are 10 men who are rocking the beauty industry.

Forget lacy lingerie! For Valentine’s Day this year, Goop says you should buy a gold butt.

Straight guy ends up in a gay sex club, leaves an awesome Yelp review.









Sexy Saturday Round Up

21 Jan

1-ssruYou’re probably reading this on your phone while you’re surrounded by acres of women marching…Wait! You’re not? Okaaaaaay.  (See article below.)

Well while *some* of us at Lady Smut are toting clear back packs and shuffling along in D.C., we hope you’re settling back into a moment of calm this Saturday, and enjoying our links to all that a good, intelligent feminist would find total catnip. Here’s to our smexy, strange, and provocative SSRU — Cheers!

From Madeline:

On the other hand–If you like long walks on the beach, building walls along our boarders, and all things Russia, and you don’t believe in global warming — this is the dating site for you.

Quick choose yer fav kind of hero: The guy with the dog vs. Guy with the baby.

Baby it’s cold outside! From SBTB: Stuff you should be knitting.

da25a92762f5d89403e19258ea441eebGot your pussy hat for the march? That’s okay–you can still make yours afterwards. Here’s some helpful info from THE PUSSYHAT PROJECT.

Did you see Lexi’s latest robot sex post last week? Well, here are some tales of the future from The Sex Robot Conference 

Should you wear make-up to work, you dominating bitch, you?

From the front lines of sex addiction: Tindr and other online sites creating spike in STD’s and other sex intimacy problems

TV is turning to roles about strong, confident women over 20–so suck it misogyny!

From Ask Men: Everybody loves you when you’re bi – except when they don’t. 

From Elizabeth Shore:

What one artist thinks of the new president. Dirty underwear, anyone?

If you’ve missed out on getting your very own jade vaginal egg – we know we sure did! – here are some worthy alternatives.

The real kama sutra sex positions.

22 ways women feel insecure in the bedroom – and how to stop.

Vibrator smackdown! $1 vibrator versus a $400 one. Guess who’s the winner?




Sexy Saturday Round Up

14 Jan

1-ssruHola friends! Time to turn away from the stresses you faced this week and turn towards the joy and fun that is Sexy Saturday Round Up.  Come and revel in the mystery and whackness that is our human sexual side.

From Madeline:

Cosmo interviews two kinksters and declares: Golden Showers Are A Thing.

Making those Valentine’s Day plans? Not so fast! Did you know you actually have a chance to be Idris Elba’s date on V-Day?

If the spanko world has a celebrity, Erica Scott is it.

Like TED Talks? Here’s one talk by Sofia Jawed-Wessel called: “Women’s Sexual Pleasure–What Are We So Afraid Of?” In it she explores her own research on women’s sexuality while pregnant.

This study challenges the idea that one of the side effects of the pill is that it can make women depressed.

Well, here’s one bit of good news for women this past year — in 2016 TV and film, women’s sexuality was displayed in complex and nuanced ways.

From Thien-Kim:

Even presidents can write erotica–and it’s super hot.

A geeky boudoir photo shoot for men? My Spidey senses aren’t the only things tingling.

Another reason why drinking coffee is good for us, er, him.

Brrr, it’s cold this weekend. How about some free hot reads to keep you warm?

Science has come a long way when it comes to women’s bodies. Thank goodness.

Sexy Saturday Round Up

10 Dec
Henry wishes you a happy holiday!

Henry wishes you a happy holiday!

Hello Kittens! Sexy Saturday Round Up is going on Holiday.  We’re off ice-skating, making Christmas cookies, and enjoying the other delights of winter.  We’ll see you back after the New Year, so savor this post. However, if you’re addicted to SSRU and looking for more, try clicking on our Sexy Saturday Round Up category over to your right–that should keep you entertained for a while! :>

From Madeline:

Take a day off from work–while you’re having your period.

Virtual Sex Workers are never off the clock while selling access to their real lives.

From Jezebel: The Bodice Ripper and a short history of where it all began.

Why sex advice in women’s magazines is wrong, wrong, wrong!

Looking for transgender romance recommendations? SBTB has recs in the comment section of this post.



Sexy Saturday Round Up

3 Dec

1-ssruDecember is here! If you’re already seeking relief from the holiday madness and holiday commercials that started before Thanksgiving, we have the solution. Kick back, get a big mug o’ tea and settle in to your relaxing Sexy Saturday Round Up routine…you won’t regret it.

This week–

From Madeline:

Decorate your Xmas tree with vagina baubles!

Some fascinating conclusions about human sexuality.

What is the gray sweatpants challenge? Here are some of the funniest twitter posts mocking the challenge?

Man Repeller talks about the avocado theory with men approaching 30.

Could you be a super-recognizer???? Take these quizzes to find out!

From Elizabeth Shore:

Gaining everyday access to a sex worker’s real life. You can see her naked whenever you want!

Guys wanna look pretty, too. The growing trend of male beauty treatments.

17 exciting must-reads for 2017. Note to self: apparently if you have “Girl” in your book title it gets turned into a movie.

Nice guys finish last. Why women find them boring.

Need a pick-me-up for 2017? How about a calendar of hot French farmers? Oui! Oui!

What happened to the “revolutionary” Lelo condom, The Hex? You know, the one promoted by none other than that misogynistic wacko, Charlie Sheen.

It’s creepy, it’s comical, it’s one of the weirdest damn things I’ve ever seen: a mask that turns your face into a vagina. Yeah, you read that right.




Sexy Saturday Round Up

19 Nov

1-ssruThis weekend heralds the last blast of a golden orange tapestry outside my door.  But maybe you feel like fall is done and gone where you are. Maybe you feel like winter is here.

Fear not! Get yourself next to the fireplace and huddle up with something hot to drink. We’re here to broaden your gender horizons with tales of sex, and love, and Beyonce Cyber Feminism!

From Madeline:

Okay, show of hands–who here has a work husband? Turns out a work spouse could make you happier.

The Guy Who Was A Spy…And Loved His Cat

Surprise! I’m a muslim and in a feminist marriage.

I’ve seen articles about professional bridesmaids in the news, but this is a WHOLE OTHER thing going on in China.

See! Women don’t hate nice guys after all.  Altruistic people have more sex.

Beyonce & Cyber Feminism

You know that friend of yours who always drags you into her drama and is a total time suck? She’s your email inbox and the death of your productivity at work.

Queer sex myths debunked.

Like A Virgin: More boys are afraid when it comes to sex & also want to experience love, not just be a stud. 

Body Dysmorphia and how it can really mess a girl up.

When Gustav and Margareta found lurv: Tales of a Swedish King and his relationship with his women.

If you’re ever going to date a guy who treats you like someone worthy of respect, you’re going to have to set about the unpleasant job of alienating the men who don’t. Here’s HOW to quickly get rid of the ass-hats.




Unfriending Facebook

26 Oct

Facebook, WTF??

By Elizabeth Shore

It happened this week.


1-ssruFacebook, that ultra mega-behemoth social billboard of the world, banished one of our own Lady Smutters for 24 hours for posting a link on her author page to our Sexy Saturday Round-Up. We don’t know for certain the reason that landed her in Facebook jail. It could be the featured photo that accompanies SSRU every week, that of a woman’s torso whose breasts are covered with the hands of two different men. Or perhaps it was one of the links in SSRU that Facebook objected to. Something a little too “scandalous” for them.

Facebook’s policy for locking us up in the virtual slammer for any period of time is based on whether the posted content violates their “Community Standards.” If you actually take the time to read those standards  – and oh yes, people, I have – you’ll see that Facebook lumps together in a single policy the prohibition of both sexual violence and nudity. To Facebook’s way of thinking, the two apparently share equal footing on the scale of badness. In other words, content promoting the sexual exploitation of a minor, for example, is as horrid to Facebook as a photo of a woman’s bare breast. If only I were joking.

The Community Standard policy about sexually exploitive and violent content is this: We remove content that threatens or promotes sexual violence or exploitation. This includes the sexual exploitation of minors, and sexual assault. To protect victims and survivors, we also remove photographs or videos depicting incidents of sexual violence and images shared in revenge or without permissions from the people in the images.

Well, sure. That makes sense. Sexual assault, in addition to being unforgivably atrocious, is illegal. So content promoting such should be and is prohibited. Here’s what doesn’t make sense: the nudity police. Facebook’s Community Standard states: We remove photographs of people displaying genitals or focusing in on fully exposed buttocks. We also restrict some images of female breasts if they include the nipple, but we always allow photos of women actively engaged in breastfeeding or showing breasts with post-mastectomy scarring. We also allow photographs of paintings, sculptures, and other art that depicts nude figures.

Bare breast? Nipple?! Gaaaahhh!!! Look away! LOOK AWAY!! Unless, of course, the bare breast is in a painting. Then you can look all you want. That bare breast, or that exposed penis, as long as it’s in a photo of art, is perfectly OK. OK? But…um…how is that “arty” bare breast different from a photo of a real bare breast? Far as I can tell, all the bits are the same. Breast itself, aureola, nipple. It’s all there, “exposed,” if you will, for inquisitive eyes to view, so why one and not the other? What about if I painted my own breast, took a photo of it, and slapped it up on my page? It’s my own version of art! Would that be cool, Facebook?

The scoop on the nudity ban is that it exists because, “… some audiences within our global community may be sensitive to this type of content – particularly because of their cultural background or age. Right.

Yo, Facebook. Here’s why I’m struggling with that. Think about your whole raison d’être. It’s to be a social networking site where we can share moments, stories, events in our lives with our friends and community. You even state that on your Community Standards page, so I’m not just making crap up here. And again, we share what’s important to us to those in our circle. And, obviously, something that’s highly important to one person may mean diddly to another. But that’s OK. You know why? ‘Cause we’re not trying to share our sh*t with the entire world.

You know what you can do with your Community Standards line about some unknown global community being sensitive to nudity, Facebook? Pound sand. The intent of Facebook was never to set up the morality police. As long as it’s not illegal, there has to be acceptance that nearly every single thing that people post will offend someone, somewhere. I give as an example my dislike of hunting. I’m not a fan. But I get that there are plenty of people worldwide who like it. I also know that some of those people enjoy posting photos of themselves with animals they’ve slaughtered. Guess what I do about those images I’m “sensitive” to? I don’t look at them.

Facebook acknowledges that its members use the site to share their experiences and to raise awareness about issues that are important to them. And, they add: This means that you may encounter opinions that are different from yours, which we believe can lead to important conversations about difficult topics. To help balance the needs, safety, and interests of a diverse community, however, we may remove certain kinds of sensitive content or limit the audience that sees it. 

WTF? How exactly does that work? You’re talking out of both sides of your face, Facebook. To have “important conversations about difficult topics” means there may be posted content some people find offensive. That’s the deal. It’s how it works. That’s what you get from that same said diverse community you’re allegedly trying to serve. Unless the diverse community posts stuff you don’t like. Then you just shut it down.

Millennials, it turns out, no longer view Facebook as being cool. Too many “old folks” are using it, including their mothers. They also don’t like the “unapologetic ubiquity” of the site, according to an article on CNBC.com, Why Snapchap is better than Facebook. Those young hipsters have unfriended Facebook ’cause they don’t “like” it anymore. Sometimes, neither do I.

Elizabeth Shore writes both contemporary and historical erotic romance. Her newest book is an erotic historical novella, Desire Rising, from The Wild Rose Press. Other releases include Hot Bayou Nights and The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires







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