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Sexy Saturday Round Up

25 Nov

By Madeline Iva

Hello Post-feast Revelers– Hope you’re exhausted after a joyous holiday.  If you’re like me you’re enjoying a breakfast of left over pie, planning on huddling inside all day and soaking up our sexy smexy round up of news about romance, gender.  And if you didn’t see it yesterday, please check out our Black Friday Giveaway!  Now on to the fun stuff. 🙂

Apparently, young people lurv anal. Is the prevalence of porn encouraging young people to experiment more in bed?

That sex toy that came with an app – yeah, that was recording you.

There’s a mankini plague coming to a beach near you.

Every successful relationship is successful for the exact same reasons.

Avoid the trap that is nice guy stealthing.

What are you gonna get your friend who is a little **too** into Jane Austen? Check out these Xmas gifts.

Read your fav romances at the Comfort Cat Cafe

Why women wear heels: because humans are fixated on an arched back.

When the big relationship in your life is really a devoted friendship.

Heard this one? Lady Smut readers, I bring you Dave The Period Fairy. Urban legend? Or true story?–you decide.

The new mid-life crisis for women.

Sexists need not apply: Publisher refuses to look at manuscripts addressed to “Dear Sirs”

Karma’s a bitch! This guy ghosted his ex, and now she’s about to be his new boss. 

Follow update on this guy and his ex, soon-to-be-boss and how it all worked out.

The Hero Groom is dripping wet.



Sexy Saturday Round Up

21 Oct

By Elizabeth Shore

What a round-up we have for you this week! From transgender Playboy bunnies to pumpkin spice cravings and everything fabulous stuff between. So grab a pumpkin spice latte and kick back. You’ve got some reading to do!

What Irish folks do while stuck indoors during a hurricane.

The first playmate of the month since Hugh Hefner passed is a transgender beauty.

Should you give your ex another chance? No. No, you shouldn’t. And here are 10 reasons why.

The dirt on all those dating apps, and which ones to use for what.

What sex addiction really is – as explained by a therapist.

Men who force women to watch them maturbate, and why.

The science behind your pumpkin spice craving.

From Madeline:

What kind of sex do YOU desire with your partner – tips for monogamous couples

The Atlantic talks about the #metoo movement

She’s in Pussy Riot, he’s far right — but can they stay in love?

From Vox: Twisting Rom-com tropes on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

From Romance Novels For Feminists: The pressing matter of racial diversity in romance — will RWA follow up?

From Is your man a mansplainer? A few helpful tips to nudge him out of this habit.

From Salon.com Sex on a pirate ship: I Played Japan’s Best Selling Date Simulator

Heroes and Heartbreakers goes all snarky on that asshat from the NYTimes who belittled romance.

From Jezebel: Can’t stop, won’t stop: Reading Mary Stuart Retro Romantic Suspense






Sexy Saturday Round Up

13 Oct

By Elizabeth Shore

The leaves, they are a’changing. In some places anyway. So put some warmth in your cup to balance the chill in the air. We’ve got some fun and sexy links for you on this fun and sexy Saturday. Enjoy!

Need some fresh new sexting ideas? Here you go.

And while we’re on the topic, why straight men send other guys dick pics. Wtf? Is this a thing?

Is Harvey Weinstein really a sex addict or is that just a good excuse to stay out of jail?

Orgasm confessions.

Need to chill out or just shut out the bonehead in the cube next to yours? Check out these cool ambient noise sites. Oh, and P.S., it boosts creativity.

A comedy channel targeted to Vets doesn’t have everyone laughing.

From Madeline:

Entertainment Weekly published a report on the sad state of romance diversity in the publishing world. : (

Jezebel talks back to the numbers about romance diversity, and suggests authors who write diverse characters that we would all enjoy reading.

Two women tried having sex with ghosts.  Here’s what happened.

Talking about the gender gap in tech as a plot device at Romance Novels for Feminists.

Should we decriminalize prostitution…? Maybe not for punters and pimps. A former prostitute weighs in.








Sexy Saturday Round Up

7 Oct

The week has whiffled by and now it’s Saturday.  Time to cuddle with our sexy round up of crazy links from around the web.  Sip your hot tea, sit back in bed and enjoy!

From Madeline:

Taking the joke engagement photo to a whole new level.

Savage love breaks out into really good sex stories.

The infamous “romance round up” NYTimes article—was less an ode and more of a snarky, condescending hate letter.  A man named Robert Gottlieb, who despite supposedly being ‘a voracious reader of contemporary romance’  clearly despises the genre. Romance readers one and all were howling with rage after reading his article.  Now comes the  #sorrynotsorry response by Radhika Jones of the times.  In this article she attempts the difficult hat trick of sneering at a genre while at the same time trying to engage the genre’s fans.

Have you been put on the backburner?

The wonderful world of Renaissance fair kink.

Drag Queens Rule–at Bushwig.

Saudi women take the wheel — now to abolish male guardianship.

Harvey Weinstein’s name is synonymous with the term ‘aggressive assh*le.’  This article suggests feminism took a giant step forward in 2017 when women started not only speaking out against sexual harassment, but expected U.S. media to notice and listen.

From Elizabeth Shore:

“Medabation,” anyone? Getting in the mood to give yourself some love.

Does having less attractive friends affect your relationship with them?

What else (besides the obvious) could you use a dildo for? Why, putting on your foundation, of course.

Who are the most vocal clitoris activists right now? The French. Naturally.

Meet Simon, the BDSM furniture maker.


Sexy Saturday Round Up

15 Jul

Don’t look now, friends, but we’re midway through July! Yikes, where’s summer going?? You better be sure to set aside ample time for some fun or summer will fade as frighteningly fast as your tan. But don’t worry about having to hunt around for great reads this weekend, ’cause we’ve got you covered. Just check out the fun stuff we’ve gathered below.

From Madeline:

Please do not put glitter in your vagina.

This mom wants you to know that she f*cks.

This one’s for you, Alexa Day: abduction fantasies played out in real life. 

I wanna see Atomic Bomb! How Charlize Theron navigates playing a female spy who kicks ass and takes names.

How you make a relationship work when you identify as a pansexual man and your partner identifies as a lesbian who likes casual hook-ups.

Are your hook ups practicing good hook-up etiquette? Are you demonstrating good boundaries with your hook-ups? See what these women have to say about how they expect to be treated when doing a little bonk-da-bonk with no expectations.

From Elizabeth Shore:

One gutsy woman’s response to a guy trying to rape her – biting off his tongue.

Are you a THOT?

A two-fer: 10 yoga poses that double as sex positions.

Yeah, Dirty Dancing turns 30 this year – but here’s how not to celebrate that.

Finally! Game of Thrones season 7 kicks off on Sunday! Get caught up on everything you need to know before the big event.

And watch the trailer to get yourself in the mood to fly atop dragons and kick some Lannister butt.





Sexy Saturday Round Up

20 May

Say goodbye to spring–say hello to summer! The weather is heating up but Lady Smut is already full of sexy hot goodness.  Here’s more titillating news about love, sex, romance, & gender from your Lady Smut gal-pals.

From Madeline:

SUMMER IS HERE! TIME FOR SEX ON THE BEACH. And no, we’re not talking about the drink.

Two Nerdy History Girls discuss the past time of Nude Male Races in the 1800’s.

Rectifying fashion injustice: The Bro-Romper.  Yup.

Advice to men (well, everyone) on how to support women who run for office/aim for promotion.

Hate those sexual onsies? (Real life examples I’ve seen: Ladies, I have arrived. I don’t always drink milk, but when I do I prefer Dos Boobies. Stud muffin. I love boobies.) Here are some feminist onsies for your wee knee biter.

She put him in a dress & then they fell in love.

Throw down that tiara and kiss a commoner! Japanese princess gives up her crown to marry average joe.

The emancipation of the MILF.

Sexy Saturday Round Up

6 May

Helllllllo my fellow vaginas! We’re still recovering from our fun-o-rama time at RT on Wednesday.  (Speaking of which–check out our games below–there’s still time to play, there’s still time to win. ; > )

Now that it’s the weekend–at last!–it’s time to settle in and relax with all our fabu links to news and articles about gender, sex, women, and lurv from around the web.

From Madeline:

The Great New England Vampire Panic

May is Masturbation month! Pledge to masturbate this month and better the world!!!! 

How much money can you net from your celebrity sex tape? Not as much as you’d think.

Mexico outraged over a woman blamed for her own murder.

Mirror mirror on the wall: Ask Men suggests 4 ways to use mirrors during sex.

The average wait time people take to have sex in a new relationship.

Meanwhile, let’s contemplate what we can get out of the rando hookup

Yes to the Polygamous throuple’s wedding dress!

Luxuriating in the good life or wallowing in your own filth? Manrepeller weighs in on taking a bath.

8 lies about sex.

Why he chose you and why he dumped you: The Romantic Narcissist

From Elizabeth Shore:

Like it or loathe it, the underboob trend is here to stay. For now, anyway.

A slideshow to get you squirmy – hot naked guys reading in bed.

Your kinky new best friend – spreader bars.

When you absolutely have nothing better in the entire universe to do, take a doughnut quiz.


Sexy Saturday Round Up

29 Apr

Hello Kittens–The weather is glorious and the Romantic Times Convention is mere days away.  We’re panting with excitement, loaded up with swag to our eyeballs, and ready to let our inner wild child par-tay! Meanwhile, we’ve brought you your weekly dose of SSRU.  Slurp it down like sunshine.  xoxo

From Madeline:

How Mr. Nice Guy gets it wrong sometimes—and how to fix it.

Some snark about the Henrietta Lacks movie staring Oprah: The Immortal Life of White Saviors and Black Stories

True tales from icky real life encounters with a woke misogynist

Uh, you know that guy who’s your friend? Well, here’s what may be motivating his friendship.

C-drama may becoming the new K-drama – check out this review of NIRVANA FIRE from SBTB:

Some women just wanna bone.  And that’s what Craig’s List is for.

By Elizabeth Shore:

Frustrated partner who doesn’t know how to make you squirt? Never fear – an instructional video is here.

A-hole alert. The dangerous trend of “stealthing,” a.k.a. removing a condom during sex without telling.

Here’s something interesting: erotic stories for the well-endowed brain. Welcome to Noveltrove.

Is your revved up libido actually an addiction? How to tell.

The appeal of a dominatrix – as explained by men.


Coming to the RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta this May? Join the Ladysmut.com bloggers for a very special reader event – Never Have You Ever, Ever, Ever — and win crowns, toys, books and more. (Ooo, and we’ll have brownies….) Goodybags (with fun stuff!) to first 100 people in line! Wednesday, May 3 at 1:30 p.m. Add this event to your RT Personal Agenda here.

Sexy Saturday Round Up

22 Apr

Don’t forget that we’re going to be at RT this year.

We’re blinding you with science! And with a lot of other interesting stuff from the internet this weekend, with our list of lusty links to entertain you.  Enjoy —

From Madeline:

5 artists making erotic art

Unicorn food is all the RAGE

Are you a demi-sexual? (A what?)

Must women constantly apologize for everything?

From Elizabeth Shore:

If you’re gonna do it, read this first. Your guide to clit piercing. It hurts. You’ve been warned.

New career prospect? How one woman makes $300K a year stripping.

Hey lesbians! (or straight women who just like having sex with other women)… The steamiest positions for girl-on-girl fun. It’s a slideshow!

In the wake up sexual molester creep Bill O’Reilly’s departure from Fox comes questions about how best to help workers report workplace harassment. Are anonymous hotlines the answer?

Need another reason to do your workout? How about this: it might just give you a coregasm.

How to break it to your man without busting his balls that you want sex toys in bed.

Here you go, ladies: your guide to giving him a rusty trombone.




Sexy Saturday Round Up

15 Apr

People! It’s glorious outside, but when you’ve had your fun, come on in and settle down to the joys of Sexy Saturday Round Up.  Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

From Madeline:

Millions of Asians can’t be wrong: here’s how to have fun with your Japanese facial razor

I love Man Repeller beauty articles: they tell it like it is: The Highs & Lows of Being A Bleach Blonde

Science is delving into how to keep the passion alive, sans viagra

K Drama Rules!!!: Sherlock Holmes is Now a Housewife

Thong underwear sucks! –But we already knew that!

Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg gets interrupted by men


From Elizabeth Shore

Feeling blue? Glum? Heavy hearted? Cheer up, it’s probably just Facebook depression.

Your marriage is in trouble so you seek advice – but how do you know whether it’s any good?

United Airlines’ reputation is really taking a “beating,” – news of a passenger being stung by a scorpion that fell from an overhead bin. Ouch!

What to do when your FWB relationship turns into a big f**king mess.

Worried about coffee staining your teeth? Never fear, clear coffee is here!

Going down the right way. How to deepthroat like a porn star.

From Thien-Kim

Want to channel your inner dominatrix? There’s an online class for that

Do you like Pouty Man Bear heroes in your romances?

This guy won’t date hot women and Twitter had the best responses.

Must click: a NSFW photo series of guys reading in bed…naked

A woman accidentally took her dog to a furry convention. (Spoiler: it’s not for pets)



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