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Sexy Sunday Snippet: “Behind the Blindfold” by Rebecca Croteau from On Fire

23 Jul

To round out On Fire Week, Lady Smut has a sexy bondage story for you: an excerpt from “Behind the Blindfold” by Rebecca Croteau in Cleis Press anthology On Fire: Erotic Romance Stories, edited by our own Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Sexy snippet from “Behind the Blindfold” by Rebecca Croteau:

I don’t know how long he will leave me here. My sense of time stretches and folds in on itself; it could be minutes or it could be hours. The blindfold is perfect; there’s no peeking light to ruin the darkness, and even the birds beyond the windows cooperate with him, keeping their songs quiet and calm enough that I can’t use them to mark time.

After a stretch of time, my patience wears thin; I’m dripping wet, eager to the point of soreness, and I don’t know if I’ve been here a minute or an hour. I fight the bindings at my hands and ankles, stretching and pulling, searching for an inch of freedom so that I can get one single finger down to my clit; if I could touch myself, it would be moments before I was flying. He has tied me far too carefully, though, and I’m left squeezing my thighs together to try and find enough pressure to get me off. If I could squirm my way into an orgasm, even just a tiny one, just to take the edge off, I could be so much more patient. I could wait forever for him. But my body is in league with him, and I only succeed in increasing my frustration.

Finally, patience eases back in; I relax, giving in to my bonds. He makes me wait an eternity, until my head is starting to sag with sleep. And then I feel a whisper of air as the door opens. My head comes back up, my face turning toward where I know the door is. I can hear his breath catch in his throat, and then his hand is rasping over the fly of his jeans. I can’t hide the smile; he’s gone hard this fast, just because I’m where he left me, because I’m still here, naked except for my blindfold and my bonds?

He moves so lightly that I can’t track where he is in the room. I can hear the susurrus of cloth as he sheds his clothes, and I can scent his arousal on the air, but I’m surprised when the hard head of his cock brushes against my parted lips. I open for him, eager, taking the head into my mouth, grazing my teeth over his sensitive skin and caressing with my tongue. I hear his whispered groan as he lets me have my way with him for a few more moments, but when I open my mouth wider to take more of him in, he pulls away, and I’m alone again, an island in a sea of pillows.

The next time he approaches me, it’s with a tickling touch of fabric that falls, featherlight, over my upturned face. I lean back, and the cloth softly and slowly pulls away from me, dragging over my nipples and my lips. The sound that escapes me is a prayer and a plea, and he chuckles, somewhere behind me.

And then it’s him behind me. I feel his hard length pressed along the curve of my ass, and I recognize the cold glass shape a moment before he slides it between my inner lips. I fall back into him, my thighs spreading, and he sets me back up on my knees again. “Stay,” he says, a command and a request, and lightning flashes all down my spine at the contained tension in his voice. I hold my body still as he teases my clit with the hard, icy toy—he must have had it in the freezer, for it to be so incredibly cold— and he teases me open, easing it deep inside of me before it warms. It slides home, splitting me wide open, and I’m so incredibly glad that he hasn’t told me to be quiet. I’m crying out, a wordless whimpering moan of delight and misery; my breath is sound. I hold still. I don’t thrust onto it like I want to, and he holds it perfectly still, firmly in place while he strokes my clit with the side of his roughened thumb. I want to collapse, I want to explode, but he keeps the rhythm of his touch a hair’s breath shy of what I need to fall over that particular cliff.

Read the full sexy, kinky story in On Fire, available now in print from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or as an ebook for KindleNookiBooksGoogle Play and Kobo.

About the author: Rebecca Croteau has had short stories published in anthologies from Circlet Press and has released several indie novellas. Her dark fantasy NA novel, Clearer In the Night, is available from Penner Publishing. She lives in New England with her family, and experiments with all the ways that a person can get wound up in yarn.

Decent Acting, Gorgeous People, And BDSM! So Why Didn’t Anyone Watch Submission?

10 May

By Elizabeth Shore

A few days ago I found myself without anything to do. Well, technically, there’s always s**t to do, but nothing I felt like tackling. The solution? Cruise my way down couch jockey street, flipping channels until I landed on some mind-numbing goodness for a few hours of escape. Drink in one hand, remote in the other, I found Submission, a 6-episode series that aired last year on Showtime. Wait…last year?! Why hadn’t I heard of it? Admittedly, I’m not always hip to the latest on TV, but still. This show was right up my erotic romance alley and yet until recently had gone undiscovered.

Naturally, I binge-watched all six episodes. Not terribly impressive since they were each like 28 minutes long. Yet once I finished watching I really was perplexed about why no one’s been talking about this show. Let’s run down the list of attractions: beautiful actors (standard fare for TV shows, but still); not bad plotline, decent writing, money from Showtime. Oh, and sex. Lots and lots and lots of sex! BDSM, F/F, regular M/F, even ménage. And it was hot, too. A scene between one of the series’ main characters and an impromptu meet-up in the ladies’ room had me coming back ’round for a second viewing. De-lish!

It’s not surprising that the sex scenes are a major focus of the series. Its two creators, Jacky St. James and Paul Fishbein, have well-established creds in the adult video world. Fishbein, in fact, is the former CEO of Adult Video News and creator of the AVN awards show. So on paper it seems like this series would work. It’s even got parallels to 50 Shades. But I don’t know a single person who’s seen it and the show’s outlook for a season 2 is shaky, to put it mildly.

Here’s the plot: sexually frustrated Ashley ditches her boring boyfriend and decides to roommate with an old friend, Jules. Jules has an additional roomie, Dylan, who’s night and day different from Ashley. Dylan’s a sexually open, do-it-with-anyone kinda gal. She’s also a submissive. When Ashley meets Dylan’s master, Elliott, and becomes the object of his desire, giving Dylan the boot, things get interesting indeed. Nothing like a pissed-off subbie out for revenge. Dylan, as it turns out, knows something about Elliott that he’d rather keep secret. So unless Ashley does exactly what Dylan wants, Elliott’s in a heap o’ trouble. And naturally, adding fuel to Elliott’s fire, by this time he and Ashley are in love. Conflict abounds! Late-night smutty TV at its best. Oh, and then there’s the sex. Did I mention that?

I looked up deets on the show on IMDB and wasn’t exactly shocked to learn that the character of Dylan is played by former adult video star, Raylin Joy, whose stage name is Skin Diamond. Her character is the most sexually daring of the bunch. But here’s the interesting thing about the actress. She was born in the U.S. but lived most of her adolescent life in the U.K. She studied Dramatic Arts and her favorite subjects were ancient Greek theater and Shakespeare. For her acting final exam she played Antigone in the Sophocles play. With a theater geek background, why porn? She’s quoted as saying, “as an independent and highly sexual woman, taking charge of my own personal sexual growth in this manner was immensely empowering.”

Certainly comparisons can be drawn between Ms. Joy’s statement about her acting and why some of us choose to read and write erotic romance. There is indeed something personally empowering in creating sexually open characters and having them delve into all kinds of hot wickedness, wherever our naughty little minds choose to take them.

I personally think Showtime dropped the ball by not advertising the dang series. No one’s gonna watch if they don’t know the show exists, amiright?! Who knows if Submission will go beyond a single season, but if you want to see it for yourself, it’s streaming on demand. So if you’re sitting around with nothing to do, now you’ve got some options. 😉

Elizabeth Shore writes both contemporary and historical erotic romance. Her newest book is an erotic historical novella, Desire Rising, from The Wild Rose Press. Other releases include Hot Bayou Nights and The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires

The end of an awful marriage might be the beginning of something smoking hot. Click to buy.






How to write erotic flash fiction and turn readers on in a few pages

17 Feb

by Rachel Kramer Bussel

I’m a sucker for a good short story. I always have been, which is perhaps why I’ve made a career out of editing short story anthologies, but I’ve come to appreciate the genre anew by compiling three books of erotic flash fiction: Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex, The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories and The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales. Yes, the number 69 is a cheeky reference, but also rounds out these collections in a beautiful way, allowing room for plenty of variety.

Before I delve into why I love these super short tales so much, I want to let all you writers out there now that I’m looking for the last few ultra hot, creative and brilliant BDSM erotica stories to include in The Big Book of Submission, Volume 2, to be published in 2018 by Cleis Press. Get all the details in the call for submissions and send your stories in by February 28, 2017. Yes, I know that’s around the corner, but at only 1,200 words or less, writing one can be done in a day.

The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales

The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales

So what do I love about these books? As an editor, I selfishly love that I get to say yes to 69 authors, since sending rejections is the part of the job I hate the most. As a reader, I relish seeing just how playful writers can be with such a limited word count. And as a person with ADD, I love that I can read one of these stories in just a few minutes, making them perfect for our often overbooked and overly busy culture.

Some people might see the words “1,200 words or less” and think, That’s nothing more than a sex scene. Au contraire! What’s been extraordinary to me is seeing just how much passion, heart and soul these authors have imbued into their relatively small amount of words. They’ve created stories that are rich with gorgeous imagery and eroticism, the kinds of stories I reread often. One of my favorites is “Housebroken” by Laila Blake, from The Big Book of Submission, about a special kind of roleplay. Here’s a snippet:

The tiny bell on her kitten-collar chimed whenever she moved her head a little this way or that, sparkling like her pink lips with their ubiquitous honey-scented gloss. All of her seemed to glow as she lay there ivory-pink, her knees pulled up in a shallow angle, leaning against each other, her toes wriggling a little. She never did lie completely still—for that she needed ropes and cuffs, commands and punishments. For the moment, though, Imani allowed it, smiling at her kitten’s antics and the way, in her apartment, her kitten could let go completely, with no care in the world but Imani’s pleasure and her own, attaining the purest sense of freedom humans could find.

Yes, in her limited space, Blake takes readers inside an intimate, loving lesbian BDSM relationship and helps bring their roleplaying to life.

The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories

The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories

One of my favorite stories I’ve ever published is the humorous yet thought-provoking gender changing tale “Remote Control” by Logan Zachary in The Big Book of Orgasms. Using the hilarious premise that the title device can change everything from the weather to one’s genitals, Zachary presents a couple who transform themselves inside and out, with fascinating results. You can listen to the whole story on The Kiss Me Quick’s Podcast—I dare you to do so and not wonder what you yourself would do with such a remote in the palm of your hand! Not only is this story sexy and funny, it also manages to slyly comment on gender and sexual orientation.

What the writers who are successful at these sexy flash fiction stories know is that economy of language can indeed be hot, because it forces you to truly say what you mean and imbue every single word with as much power as possible. You can focus on the heart of what makes a relationship or sex act or scene so arousing, cutting out all extraneous distractions. Honing in on what’s vital can help authors see what makes the story tick and force them to value each thought, each touch, each movement as it builds to something greater than the sum of its parts. For the reader, the payoff is that they can get completely sucked into a story, knowing they can fully savor it in the time it takes to enjoy a morning cup of coffee.

Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex

Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex

These tales capture the complexity of trying something new in bed, and instead of jumping straight into the screwing, they still take the time to make imbue realism into the equation. In “Anal-yzed” by Donna George Storey from Gotta Have It, she tackles the negotiation between a couple about exploring anal sex, covering a woman’s doubts, fears and uncertainties while still maintaining the heat level:

“Interesting. I have another theory, though.” As he said this, his finger dipped between my asscheeks to stroke my tender pink valley.

I shivered and arched up into his touch. “Theory?”

“Yes, that anal sex is an unnatural act, so it makes you feel like a dirty slut to do it.”

My muscles down there—belly, cunt, asshole—immediately went into spasm, prickles of shame mixed with sweet twinges of pleasure. He was right. It was a turn-on to be a naughty girl who let boys in the back door. But I suddenly realized something else too. Having him talk about fucking my ass—actually analyze it like this—was making me incredibly hot.

Yes, within the confines of her 1,200 word maximum, Storey takes a common sexual fantasy, deconstructs it and does it justice as the narrator and her partner find out just how they can make this fantasy come true. She doesn’t waste any words, but she doesn’t rush the action either.

For those who prefer watching a sex scene unfold, here’s me reading my face slapping erotica story “Manners” from Gotta Have It several years ago at erotic shop Coco De Mer in West Hollywood, a topic I enjoyed distilling into a few racy pages:

To play devil’s advocate, I know that for those who solely read and write novels, the idea of even attempting to narrow down a short story into the confines of flash fiction is anathema. The biggest complaint I get from readers is that these stories are too short, that just as they get started, they’re over. On that point, I agree; however, I see their shortness as their strength, their beauty, their brilliance, and if they leave you wanting to know more about these characters, I consider that a win. So if you’re pressed for time, have a limited attention span like me, or simply want a huge amount of variety in the palm of your hands, check out these flash fiction books, and perhaps they’ll even inspire you to write one of your own.

Rachel Kramer Bussel (rachelkramerbussel.com) has edited over 60 anthologies, including Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1, Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica, Begging for It, Fast Girls, The Big Book of Orgasms and more. She writes widely about sex, dating, books and pop culture and teaches erotica writing classes around the country and online. Follow her @raquelita on Twitter and find out more about her classes and consulting at eroticawriting101.com.

Whip It Good

21 Sep
Whip me, baby

When a problem comes along You must whip it Before the cream sets out too long You must whip it When something’s goin’ wrong You must whip it – Devo

By Elizabeth Shore

You know how it is when you’ve got a day off from work or other obligations and you find yourself with an entire day to yourself? Yay! you mentally cheer. You can get an enormous laundry list of things accomplished – including the laundry itself! – and you’re imbued with a sense of purpose. But then…well, remember that saying about the best laid plans? Without warning your motivation dries up, you realize you’re exhausted, the weather outside is crap, and nothing seems better than watching a movie or three and deciding the chores can stuff it.

I found myself in just that situation last Sunday. I was going to do laundry but every machine in my building was in use. I could have gone for a walk but the clouds looked ominous. I could have read a book – my tbr pile is scraping the sky – but a sense of drowsiness warned me that my eyes would start drooping after about page 2. So instead I plopped down on the couch and rented a juicy little French flick called Alice, ou les désirsA teaser photo for the main character showed her dressed up in a tight, black leather number complete with studs and a collar. Awesome! I was hooked (just like she was!).

As it turned out, Alice was a sexual awakening film focused on the main character’s introduction to, and exploration of, a lifestyle of kink. Well, sign me up! It all started with Alice confronting her loser husband at a dinner party hosted by Alice’s cousin, Léa. Alice decides she’s had enough of him and informs him she’s leaving. Problem: she has no place to go. Cousin Léa to the rescue. Subsequent scenes reveal Léa letting Alice know that she’s really, really into kink. Wide-eyed Alice is at first stunned, then intrigued, then, as the film goes on, part of the scene. Léa dresses Alice in sexy unmentionables and takes hot photos of her, both inside the apartment and then eventually – as Alice becomes bolder –  outside on the street. So far, so good.

Alice takes her burgeoning interest to an online chatroom where she meets a Dom who insists she call him Master. Being a good little submissive, Alice is quick to obey. There’s a pretty hot scene with Master telling Alice to spread her legs, touch herself, and imagine that he’s whipping her. This really gets her going, and she loves him telling her what to do, eventually bringing herself to orgasm and telling Master all about it. Nice.

Eventually Léa lets Alice know that a younger guy, Rémy – a student of Alice’s, as it turns out (she’s a math teacher) – is also into the kink lifestyle and wants to get it on with Alice. She’s initially outraged since she could lose her job over sex with a student (anyone’s thoughts going to Mary Kay Letourneau at this point? Yeah, me too). But Léa poo-poos Alice’s outrage and convinces her it’ll be fun. Alice relents and a long sexy scene follows in which Rémy and Léa dress up Alice in a tight black dress with a collar and leash and parade her in the street. Then they take her to a classroom, and (this next scene’s my favorite) here’s where the ultimate hotness takes place. Alice has to fully undress, stand in front of the blackboard and solve a complex math equation while Rémy is behind her, touching and kissing her everywhere. Her mind’s getting blown and it’s impossible to focus, but Rémy’s in full Dom mode and firmly insists that she keep at the math equation. This, my friends, was awesome. I loved the contrast between fully dressed, bossy Dom and naked, submissive, highly aroused Alice.

An interesting focus of this particular BDSM journey was the emphasis on whipping. There were several whipping scenes yet nary a paddle to be found. Even spanking was a rare commodity. So what’s writer Cécile Calvet doing getting us all whipped into a frenzy? I did a bit of research to see what peeps in the know are saying about whipping vs paddling. A detailed book, In Praise of the Whip by Niklaus Largier, offers a comparison between religious and erotic whipping, but that wasn’t quite what I was after. Ultimately I found someone in a kink chatroom who offers up this perspective: whipping, flaggelation, and paddling are all a hot turnon, it just depends on if you’re into the sting or the thud.

What say you, dear readers? To sting or to thud – that is the question. Or does it even matter? For those into kink, let us know what you think.

Elizabeth Shore writes both contemporary and historical erotic romance. Her newest book is an erotic historical novella, Desire Rising, from The Wild Rose Press. Other releases include Hot Bayou Nights and The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires


Doing Whatever He Wants – And Loving It

29 Jun

By Elizabeth Shore

Yesterday our own Alexa Day – whose story Passing Through is part of the fabulous new naughty military release Hero to Obey that we’re celebrating this week – wrote a great piece on the idea of Femdom, i.e., flipping the tables on the traditional concept of woman as submissive. With femdom, of course, she’s the one in charge, and as Alexa smartly points out, this gives us, “a take-charge heroine [who] drives her own sexual journey, and I’m all about seeing her partner treating her with the deference reserved for royalty.” Yepper. I’m on board with that, too. But still and all, in my hot fantasies, being the submissive is still where it’s at. Yet, why??

In Alexa’s post yesterday she pointed out that one reason submission in romance is so popular is because it appeals to the side of women who may have wild sexual desires but who are reticent to explore them without direction. A dominant male telling a woman to roleplay her fantasies removes any guilt she may have about the fantasy. She can’t be scorned, after all, for crawling across the floor like a kitten since she’s just doing what she was told. The burden of having to justify her behavior, even if only in her own mind, is removed when the behavior is dictated by someone else.

I think there’s certainly some truth to that, but that explanation alone still doesn’t entirely satisfy. So I set out to find intel on what strong women who like being dominated – the so-called tough on the streets, submissive in the sheets – had to say about it. Here are a few quotes from a post on thoughtcatalogue.com.

“Women are raised to act pure and chaste and I find that disgusting. Being his little sex slave is my way of rebelling against a society that tries to oppress female sexuality.”

“I like to be manhandled, mastered and degraded – but only with someone I trust. It’s a bonding experience.”

“I like being treated like his sex slave; it makes me feel irresistible.”

The best article I found was one from several years ago on alternet.org that includes a long attribution from our own Rachel Kramer Bussel, who states, “There’s no reason why a woman’s feminist thoughts or credentials or beliefs should be somehow demoted because she’s sexually submissive.” No indeed. In fact, when I think in a personal way about why the idea of submission is arousing to me, it boils down to the last of the three quotes, “it makes me feel irresistible.”

In any Dom/sub relationship, negotiation takes place and boundaries are drawn. What each person likes, what they don’t like, what really gets them off. Which means that if a man is dominating me, he’s thinking about me. I’m the one getting his full attention. I do, as the last woman stated, feel irresistible, because I’m very well aware that this scenario is also massively turning him on. I alone am the source of his desire. And let’s be honest, it’s nice. No complaints. Having wanted attention devoted just on me…I’m good with that. 😉

It’s been said that the everday powerful woman likes being dominated in the bedroom because giving up power there temporarily liberates her from having to make constant decisions. Someone else – whom she trusts – is taking care of that. It’s freeing to be sure, and perhaps that’s also a huge draw for many. Even if a woman doesn’t have a traditionally thought of “powerful” day-time role, she’s still got obligations and decisions to make that don’t have to be dealt with while in the role of submissive.

Hero to Obey cover imageI’d love to hear what you think. Dominant or submissive? Do you set the rules, or does your partner lead the way? While pondering, be sure to check out Hero to Obey and see how Alexa’s heroine Gigi takes care of business. And then follow us on Lady Smut. Do it, you hear. That’s an order.



The Sexy Submissive

16 Sep

By Liz Everly

Submission. The word intrigues me.

The act of submission and how it relates to sex provides much fodder for my feminist erotic-romance writer mind. I don’t pretend to understand it with any kind of depth—maybe sensitivity and imagination, yes. And I always say to each his or her own between consensual adults in any discussion of preferences or orientation. I can see the sexiness in submission, in giving yourself over to someone else completely, and trusting them, sometimes literally, with your life. I also get that this kind of thing takes place in many bedrooms without even calling it submission or BDSM—in a subtle sort of way.

It also must be said, of course, that it could be VERY interesting for a lover to submit to you. Even if for just one night.


I’ve read a lot about BDSM, talked with a lot of practitioners, and I can say that if it’s done right, with respect and honor, I have no qualms about it—even from a feminist perspective. Women submissives are powerful. If you don’t understand that, you should probably read more about it. But in any case, as long as it’s the choice of healthy individuals (men and women), I don’t think it’s a feminist issue at all. Where I take issue is with folks using the lifestyle to abuse and manipulate—but that’s not only in the BDSM community, is it? It can be anywhere.

In my guise as an erotic romance writer, I have met many swingers and BDSM practitioners—mostly online. While I don’t want to brush any one person with a broad stroke of generalization here, I’d say that many of them live around their sex lives. While that sounds interesting and pleasing to most of us, realistically speaking, I could not give it that kind of attention. (More power to those who can.) But the people I know in these lifestyles spend all of their extra money on toys, outfits, conference, clubs, and so on. That’s interesting, but not for me, at this point in my life.

Big Book of Submission

Click on this to purchase. Great cover, isn’t it?

But I will say that I’ve learned a lot about BDSM by reading about it and most recently I read “The Big Book of Submission” because CM Kempe’s writing is included and that’s always a treat.

What I found interesting about the book was the different views of submission it took on. It reminded me of this faceted gemstone of story. One view enlightened me about how some people really get off on pain. Another view offered a playful look into it, where married folks are just sort of experimenting with submission. And the book delved into the different forms of it—even choking. What hooks me, of course, is the story, not just the different kinds of submission the book explores.

I thought it was a fabulous collection—well worth a read and not just from the sort of ogling perspective (what DO these folks do in their playrooms or bedrooms?), but also from a story perspective. One story was told mostly through a letter from a submissive to her dom, who had asked for a description of how she felt during one of their sessions. Another story was told from the perspective of a submissive woman training her dom. Yes—you read that right.  It was any interesting collection of short stories and I read through it in no time. Check it out.  You won’t be sorry. While you’re at it, subscribe to Lady Smut.  You don’t want to miss a thing, do you?

You Won’t See Yourself Coming: Blindfold Magic

14 Sep
Big Book of Submission

Click me. Click me right now.

By Alexa Day

Some time ago, I was at a workshop presented by sex educator Sheri Winston. (Her book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, is a terrific resource for anyone interested in women’s sexuality.) Sheri talked about the way we use our senses to achieve orgasm and about the way we often give sound the short end of the stick. When we give full voice to our climax, she said, we can achieve stronger orgasms.


It’s the next best thing to being in that room. Click and get one.

Then she led us in a guided meditation. Something that would involve lots of sexy vocalizations but no touching. And if we reached orgasm during this meditation, well, that was so much the better.

I had two thoughts.

Thought One: This is the coolest workshop I have ever attended in my life.

Thought Two: I don’t think I’m going to be able to manage any part of this while surrounded by people.

So while everyone settled into comfortable positions, a couple of us looked around nervously, apparently sharing Thought Two. Sheri noticed us in a very nurturing but nonjudgmental way and said we could use blindfolds if we wanted. The blindfold, she said, would make it easier for us to concentrate on our own meditations, even in a room filled with people.

I didn’t know how helpful that would be, but I was willing to try anything that might make me more comfortable.

And it worked. I’m not going to say how well it worked, but it worked.

The blindfold’s power is simple. It cuts off the outside world. The outside world will absolutely interfere with an orgasm if we allow it to do so. The blindfold prevents this interference. When you can’t see reality, you can rewrite reality to suit your purposes. Reality isn’t a room filled with people or the bedroom with the cat’s bed in the corner or the couch in front of the TV anymore. Reality is a temple or the nicest suite in the hotel or that secret place that’s home to your best sexual fantasies.


You will look every bit as hot as this in your blindfold.

I think that’s why the blindfold is so useful for sexual submission. A submissive carries a great deal of responsibility to focus on his or her sensual experience. The transformation of pain into pleasure, the elision of restraint into relaxation, and all the wonderful worlds of sense play can be muddled by visual stimuli. The blindfold leaves a submissive with nothing but sensation.

Loads and loads of wonderful, mindbending sensation.

The blindfold also locks out the more judgmental parts of the real world. Even subs who play privately live with concern about What Other People Think. With the blindfold on, a sub can’t see what he or she must look like, so it’s harder to feel self-conscious and easier to release into subspace. Plus, as ridiculous as it sounds, not being able to see the real world is almost like being invisible to the real world. The blindfold offers an escape from the outside world, even if the outside world is really only present in a sub’s thoughts.

There’s powerful magic in a blindfold, but then submission is a powerful magic all its own. This Friday, The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales offers 69 stories to stimulate the kinky imaginations of readers everywhere. Get ready to spend some time inside this fictional subspace with your favorite authors, including Lady Smut’s own C. Margery Kempe!

Just take that blindfold off first.

And follow Lady Smut. We might not see you coming, but we can hear you just fine.

She Also Serves: What Makes Obedience Hot?

17 Aug

By Alexa Day

On Friday, Musa Publishing launched Eros, its new line of erotic stories, and I’m proud to be one of the line’s first authors. My short story, “Turnabout Day,” will be released this Friday. Check out my smoking hot cover, friends!

The story takes place in a steam-driven alternate to Jamaican history. Turnabout Day is one of that world’s holidays, a day when the upper class serves its servants. It’s a chance for Chloe Newton to spend a little time with Peter Darrow, a childhood playmate who’s grown into a very hot engineer. Although Peter is technically Chloe’s consultant now, not a servant, she’s very interested in taking orders from him for one evening.

Ready to be of service? Go ahead and click.

Ready to be of service? Go ahead and click.

But why? What makes a successful woman like Chloe, a woman in charge of her family’s sugarcane estate, want to become any man’s sexual servant?

Well, it could be anything, really. Just the fact that it floats her boat is sufficient, once she’s found a willing partner. But it’s still easy to think of a woman’s desire to submit to a partner sexually as something less than modern, less than powerful, and less than attractive.

Consider this, though.

Chloe’s made the choice to surrender to Peter. It’s her idea. So if he’s in control, it’s only because she’s given him the keys. And while she enjoys testing the boundaries of this new relationship, her willingness to obey actually directs their encounter.

On top of all that, Chloe enjoys a special advantage here — she gets to watch Peter pushed to the limits of his self-control. That’s definitely a position of power.

In any case, regardless of her motivations, do Chloe’s sexual preferences really make her any less powerful? Do they make her less of a businesswoman? Is she somehow less capable outside the bedroom because of her preferences in it?

While you’re thinking it over, here’s a little something to savor until “Turnabout Day” arrives this Friday.

“Don’t you want to be in charge for a day?” Something stirred within her, lending illicit intent to the innocent question.

His eyes met hers. “Of course.” His voice lowered in a way that awakened long-dormant desires in her. “But you aren’t a girl now. And I don’t think you’d much like what I asked you for.”

She swallowed hard. What might he ask for? Would he want to restrain her and take his pleasure? Would his hungers be more exotic than those of her own past lovers? Would she be able to satisfy the needs he alluded to?

She tried to breathe.

“How will you know, Peter?” Unable to help herself, she looked down at the floor. “How will you know unless you ask?”

She reached for him and found the soft fabric of his shirt damp with sweat. “And in any case,” she said in a near-whisper, “my understanding is that on this night, it doesn’t matter whether I like what you ask me for.”

He gazed down at her, his dark blue eyes almost black. She’d seen him look down at his columns of figures and pages of schematics the same way, exercising his full attention, the focused power of his mind. She liked the feeling.

She reached for his mouth, wanting to stroke his full lips. He intercepted her hand and pressed her fingers together almost painfully.

“Tonight, you must do as I say, love. You must do anything I say. Is that what you want, Chloe?”

She flattened her hand against his chest and summoned her friend Beryl’s flirtatious spirit.

“What do you think?”

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The Last Taboo (Big Book of Submission on Tour)

8 Aug

TBBOSblogtourby C. Margery Kempe

There’s a big blog tour on supporting the 69 kinky tales in The Big Book of Submission (click the picture to see more stops along the tour). The book features my story “The Rhino” about a driven advertising executive who intimidates her colleagues, but has discovered a side of herself that she never expected to find.

Although a lot of people still roll their eyes at the whole Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, there’s no doubt that it has helped mainstream a lot of practices that would have once only been known to a more discreet group of practitioners. When even big celebrities like Helen Mirren can admit to enjoying spanking, for example, we can see that a lot of headway has been made even if there’s still a lot of giggling behind hands for most vanilla folk.

There’s still a huge backlash against women who submit. While the call for “strong female characters” grows, there’s also a huge misunderstanding about what that means. People love dom women — or at least those who look like they are, such as Emma Peel. But women have fought so hard to be taken seriously, to have their own power and to wield it, that submission can appear to be ‘letting the side down’ as it were.


But that’s not what it’s about: it’s about trust.

It’s about having faith in someone other than yourself. It’s about letting go when you’re accustomed to being in control. And it’s about the excitement of not knowing what will happen next — but knowing it’s delicious. Follow the tour for more delights.

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