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Why Hello Henry: The New Man of Steel

17 Jun

Henry Cavill falls under the “Why Didn’t I Notice Him Before,” category–a category Tracy Cooper Posey talks about on her blog here.

Got cleavage? Henry Cavill in The Tudors

Got cleavage? Henry Cavill in The Tudors

Why didn’t I notice you, Henry, in Tristan & Isolde? (Ahem. Because I had eyes for no one but James Franco is why.)

Why didn’t I notice you, Henry, on the Tudors, why didn’t I notice you in the Count of Monte Cristo? Am I blind?Cavill

Sorry Henry.  My bad. But guess who has two thumbs and feels like an idiot now? This gal!

In this latest incarnation of Superman, they seem to be emphasizing the steel part of the whole Man of Steel with the latest suit.  Interesting.  I have no problem with this, and I find it compelling to note that in a world of skinny men–I mean, cigarette jeans, come on–that they’re sticking to an old style Superman body type with Henry.  Just check out those thighs–they are pretty crazy amazing. No cig jeans for Henry.

Man O' Steel, with Thighs  O Amazement

Man O’ Steel, with Thighs O Amazement

I heart Clark Kent

I heart Clark Kent

Meanwhile there are so many superman’s of the past.  My test of a new superman is how he stacks up against the classic Christopher Reeves.  That franchise was pretty blechy at the end, but the first movie is just so 80’s it hurts.  (Props to Ben Affleck playing Steve Reeves in the movie Hollywood Land–he’s my second runner up.) In the 80’s Superman movie, I actually melted a little more for Reeves’ Clark Kent than for his superman.

His Clark was all sort of helplessly vulnerable yet beefy, and harmless yet beefy.  He had this really goofy smile with his nerdy glasses.  He was also thoughtful, intelligent–and yet, just achingly beefy. He was like a Newfoundland puppy. You wanted to wrestle with him on the floor.  Unlike a puppy, you then wanted to tie him to your bed, strip his clothes off, and have your way with him.

Yet seeing Henry decked out in Clark Kent glasses my last thread of skepticism over the new movie evaporated.  WOW.  I like this new metrosexual Clark. Clark–uh, I mean, Henry–welcome to the big time.  It’ll be exciting to see how you do in this major new role.  Here’s hoping you do that voodoo that superman does so well.

New Clark--accept no substitutions.

New Clark–accept no substitutions.

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