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Unexpectedly Sexy: Singing Coaches

1 Apr

voiceThey’re nurturing.  They’re soothing.  They want good things for you and your career.  They’re 21st century heroes (*cough*) Ladies, I present to you: singing coaches.

Singing coaches.  No, this is not an April Fool’s joke.  A singing coach doesn’t sound super manly, I admit it.  But these guys have got it going on.  They have very successful careers that they’ve worked hard at.  And I like I said–they’re men who are strong and supportive. Who are caring and engaged.

So funny, charming, and  supportive--he makes all women into country converts.

So funny, charming, and supportive–he makes all women into country converts.

Yes, I got sucked into THE VOICE vortex last fall.  Yes, I swore not to get sucked in again.  I told myself that are only so many singers you can pin your vicarious aspirational hopes upon.  Yet…here I am again…watching…and watching…



This year there is not only cute Adam, not only funny and tall and funny Blake — who puts out that good daddy vibe that makes a woman’s biological clock scream…now there is Usher.

Usher is listed in the dictionary under C for charming.  He has a sincere side too.  So far he’s not wracking up the best singers–Adam’s getting them all, but STILL I have faith that Usher’s going to take his dross and turn it into gold.

The next great thing on the Voice--Usher.

The next great thing on the Voice–Usher.

Finally, out of the top five performers this season so far, Blake picked up a guy who my favorite right now.  Yes, he’s sexy and he knows it.  A cute guy with a great sense of humor…now that’s hot.

What Women Love: A Reserved Scottish Guy

3 Dec

I’ll confess to you a shameful secret obsession that I have:

it’s with Terry McDermott, the Scottish singer on The Voice, Season 3.

Is it the Scottish accent? Sure.  Is it the self-deprecating humor and quiet confidence of a small town lad? Why not? Is it that at first his face and words gave very little away, but slowly he’s started to tell funny stories to the camera? My heart flutters.

Oh, but it’s far more embarrassing than that.  Unfairly derided by some as more of a controlled yeller than a singer, Terry is all the things that give me bad high school flashbacks: a bad haircut singing early 80’s rock anthems.  Yup, he’s a guy in a leather jacket obsessed with Journey and Boston.   Terry in Leather JacketI can’t even say he’s exactly sexy, because…he’s not.  I’m just insane is all.  Just like millions of viewers out there right now.  What’s wrong with us?

NBCUniversal's "The Voice" Season 3 Red Carpet Event - Arrivals

There’s a way in which Terry McDermott seemed quiet at first,  reserved and polite, a little poker faced maybe, compared to the passion with which he sings.  Despite that reserve a  sense of humor peeked through.  It made me think of that present under the Christmas tree.  I wanted to pry him open and learn more…and more.  It’s just something about the reserved guy that hooks me in every time.

I like knowing what makes people tick but Terry McDermott is a fascinating enigma.  I don’t know who a lot of people on The Voice are either—but I also don’t care.  What is it about Terry that gives him such magic?

Let’s face it, he has all those qualities that hook adolescent girls—recording suits must know this stuff like the back of their hand.  Terry has:

1)An androgenous boy-girl face,

2)A devoted significant other lurking in the background (in his situation it’s his pretty wife). Their obvious strong relationship shows just how great a catch he is and puts him out of reach at the same time…catnip for women.  Oh, and he’s an awesome father too.

3) A good sense of humor.  It’s clear that he’s not taking himself too seriously.

4) While at first he tried not to show anything going on inside, lately he’s started to flirt with the camera a little, revealing nice teeth and dimples.  DIMPLES, people!!!Terry+McDermott+PNG

But what’s he like on the inside, for real? If he hasn’t given up his rock n roll dreams at 35 that he’s a romantic idealist, if not a romantic idiot.  I relate to that, for sure. His love for 80’s rock ballads would normally make me roll my eyes, only… If you listen, you’re soon be struck by a few things:

1)   Those notes are damn high

2)   Those songs are damn hard

3)   Those verses are some sophisticated pre-emo shit.

The Final 6: At this point, I don’t actually think that Terry’s very reserved at all.  Or he’s brought his “A game” to the show, putting it out there to audiences with charm and humor because that’s what you do you’re going to win fans. Yet the highly scripted, careful nature of these reality shows dictates few revelations. So I’m still hooked.

photo credit: EW Magazine

photo credit: EW Magazine

It’s a hopeless obsession, I tell you!  I can see he’s not the best performer one week—and yet I still want him to win.

It’s not about singing at this point. I’m also intrigued that other contestants are starting to look languid or stressed out with all the pressure while Terry seems to thrive. The quiet rocker has got endurance.  His staying power shows through his funny stories and quips that are emerging from beneath his polite manners.  He seems to live in the moment and is focused on winning.  The bad haircut lives on, and he’s not going home for lack of trying.

He seems well liked but he’s had to take it on the chin.  He’s been told his hair looks funny, and Bouble told him he was crazy for pursing his dream at his age when he’s got a wife and child to support. (Ow!)

CassidyCassidy Pope is another big favorite on The Voice.  She seems like she could win the show, but I don’t know.  There seems to be no mystery to Cassidy.  She looks great, she sings great, and she vibrates with a kind of “I’m ready!” professionalism.   Terry meanwhile, seems like he’s at a party and enjoying it, but keeping one eye on the clock waiting to see if that coach turns back into a pumpkin after all.  He’s not a groomed pretty young thing.  He’s an un-groomed, aging thing who’s been working hard for more than a decade on his rock star dreams.  Meanwhile, Cassidy has something like 250,000 followers on Twitter compared to Terry’s 51,000.

It’s all so sad—that is until he’s standing on stage, completely in his element, hitting one of those scrotum-twisting notes dead on.  At that point you can’t help cheering.

Lately I’ve been following him on Twitter.  He’s soooooooo funny. But it’s only these small breadcrumbs of his personality.  I want him to win–win, I tell you.  My fantasy is that after he wins he gives endless interviews, and I’ll finally figure out what makes him tick, and my mad, mad obsession will come to an end.

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