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Unexpectedly Sexy: Singing Coaches

1 Apr

voiceThey’re nurturing.  They’re soothing.  They want good things for you and your career.  They’re 21st century heroes (*cough*) Ladies, I present to you: singing coaches.

Singing coaches.  No, this is not an April Fool’s joke.  A singing coach doesn’t sound super manly, I admit it.  But these guys have got it going on.  They have very successful careers that they’ve worked hard at.  And I like I said–they’re men who are strong and supportive. Who are caring and engaged.

So funny, charming, and  supportive--he makes all women into country converts.

So funny, charming, and supportive–he makes all women into country converts.

Yes, I got sucked into THE VOICE vortex last fall.  Yes, I swore not to get sucked in again.  I told myself that are only so many singers you can pin your vicarious aspirational hopes upon.  Yet…here I am again…watching…and watching…



This year there is not only cute Adam, not only funny and tall and funny Blake — who puts out that good daddy vibe that makes a woman’s biological clock scream…now there is Usher.

Usher is listed in the dictionary under C for charming.  He has a sincere side too.  So far he’s not wracking up the best singers–Adam’s getting them all, but STILL I have faith that Usher’s going to take his dross and turn it into gold.

The next great thing on the Voice--Usher.

The next great thing on the Voice–Usher.

Finally, out of the top five performers this season so far, Blake picked up a guy who my favorite right now.  Yes, he’s sexy and he knows it.  A cute guy with a great sense of humor…now that’s hot.

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