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"Up On the Hog Babe, Let's Go For a Ride": The Hot Men & Sexy Voices of Male Audio Narrators

HOT MEN, SEXY VOICES: Last Saturday was #VALoveFest at Virginia Festival of the Book 2017.  Among the excellent panels during the day by far the most popular was THE MEN OF ROMANCE panel where audio narrators shared their experiences about the work, a bit about their backgrounds, and their appreciation for the romance genre.  Below is

Heroines of Destiny!

by Madeline Iva Go to college, have a career, get married, have children.  Is this the modern woman’s destiny? What if you don’t tick one of those boxes? I’m moderating a panel called HEROINES OF DESTINY on Saturday, 10AM at Virginia Festival of the Book, so I’ve been questioning the concept of destiny lately, especially

Got Romance? It’s Hard Writing Modern Lurv

By Madeline Iva In romance we need our obstacles.  Our trials by fire, and other torments. It’s true other cultures–take India for example–do romance differently.  They’ll have the hero and heroine get together right away and then they enjoy adventures together…but our Western-style romance evolved to show us characters who prove themselves worthy by struggling through many an obstacle to

Becoming Liz Everly

From the moment I placed the pink wig on my head, I became Liz Everly. This was a good thing because there were many things that could have gone very wrong that day. It was the first Love Fest at the Virginia Festival of the Book. I mean, think about that. Just sit with that

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