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Achievement Unlocked!

Here at Lady Smut, we talk a lot about women. We talk about women’s bodies, women’s sexuality—we talk about women’s sexuality a lot—women’s relationships, women in the media, women’s issues. We’re particularly passionate about women’s issues. To do this, we’re personal and vulnerable to you, our readers. We share from our hearts, from our own

The Author Witness Protection Program and Other Writerly Secrets

By Elizabeth SaFleur It’s Throwback Thursday, and we’re putting up popular posts for your enjoyment. Below is a blog post that first appeared on our LadySmut Romance Blog Facebook page. Give the page a “like” if you haven’t done so and never miss our shenanigans. The Author Witness Protection Program and Other Writerly Secrets Ever

How to get published in anthologies

by Rachel Kramer Bussel First let me start by saying this is not a definitive guide to how to get published in anthologies, but a highly subjective guide based on my editing over 60 anthologies, and now being the Best Women’s Erotica of the Year series editor for Cleis Press, and having my own work published

How to succeed at writing when you feel clueless

by Rachel Kramer Bussel I’m getting a head start on Second Chances week in honor of the release of our own Lady Smut author Elizabeth Safleur’s new erotic romance, Perfect, which you can read more about on her website, including an excerpt. But what I want to talk about today isn’t so much fictional second

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