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Sexy Saturday Round Up

3 Feb

By Elizabeth Shore

Happy weekend, everyone! Happy Black History Month! And of course, as lovers of smut and romance know, the high priestess of smut and romance, a.k.a. Valentine’s Day, is right around the corner. So kick back – don’t forget there’s also kick-off, as in Super Bowl this weekend – and settle in. As always, we’ve gathered up some great reads. This week we’re giving you an extra jumbo edition of SSRU so you won’t run out of things to scroll through on your phone while THE BIG GAME is on.

From Elizabeth:

Who needs a box of chocolates when you can have chocolate-covered strawberry deodorant. Even if the taste isn’t so great…

What else can robots do better than we can? Predict who’s gay.

Making your nachos even more epic than the big game. 24 mouth-watering ways.

Yoga puts you into a demonic trance. And here you thought it was good for you. So silly…

If you can’t find the exact plaything to set your world on fire, why not just print one? Free 3D sex toy designs are here at last! Justin Bieber dildo, anyone?

The best sub-Reddits for porn.

From Madeline:

Buzzfeed wonders if romance writers post-election are taking power and changing the popular female romance narrative.

What does your husband think? How male readers ask female authors for a punch in the nose.

Stephanie Myers & her Twilight franchise should be re-evaluated” — A thoughtful discussion of the vitriol phenom suroundin Twilight. I agree with so much of this article—and it explores some feminist concepts surrounding the response to Twihards.  I really like this video–except the part about that dismisses Jacob’s ‘creepy’ behavior. It’s pedophilia peeps! Pedophilia! Plain and simple.

Remember when Stevie Nicks was a white witch in AHS: Coven? Well, the Aussie singer Lorde has a witchy vibe that’s au currant.

Man Repeller discusses the appeal of a black bra under a white shirt.

So those classic Greek and Roman sculptures–why are their weenies so small? The answer.

I loved how this article articulates the expressive genius and charisma of Tiffany Pollard and how her fame lives on in these political times through a dictionary of facial memes.

The employment opportunity some women have been seeking all their lives: how to get paid for treating men like shit

This weekend we’re offering you Our Special Aziz Ansari Section in case you only scanned the headlines and didn’t get a chance to chew on the whole situation–here is:

The Bebe original article about Azia Ansari’s douche-y behavior.

Why many insist Aziz’ behavior does not technically qualify as sexual assault, it’s still far too common problem in America.  Why women don’t just say “WTF?” to men who behave this way, slap their face and leave? A sexual educator talks about intimidation and alienation that afflicts America’s women.

Men as a way of processing and grappling with the Azis Ansari incident have resorted to education and (mansplaining) consent to other men.

The whole incident brings up the issue of how consent is modeled in fiction — an article which in itself has other interesting links. Enjoy going down that rabbit hole, my friends!

Finally–it’s Super Bowl weekend–Go Pats! Why Tom Brady the gorgeous, immortal, perfect hunk of a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) has become the quarterback everyone has decided to hate.










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